Savage Stevenson

Angie Stevenson has made quite the career leap from video/DVD performer to TV/film actress. Here are her top three savage tweets along with (if not alongside) an interview on the defunct Big Daddy Horror Reviews site…

19 Dec 2010: F#ck yeah, my favorite comedian Lisa Lampanelli will turn her notoriously venomous tongue on the most sordid crowd.

17 Jun 2012: @brittneymacrae Poor bitter b!tch. I feel sorry for you.

13 Jun 2013: Everyone is fighting their own battles, try not to be a c#nt. 😉 #bekind

With Cut, Angie not only manged to steal scenes in what would have been a mainstream `90s theatrical release on the strength of who was in the cast – Tony Todd, Michael Berryman and Kane Hodder. It’s amazing how things change.

How about a little piece of trivia about yourself that we wouldn’t read on another site? 

I drive a lifted Pink F150.

Now, you’re branching out into horror films. What made you want to do this?   

I have always been a fan of horror films and performing. I think in the beginning of my adult career, I felt challenged enough and it kept me very busy. However, after 6 years, I started branching out and doing hosting projects. Through a mutual friend, Joe Hollow (director of Cut) wrote to me on Facebook and asked if I’d ever been in a horror film, because he loved my look, tattoo and voice. A year later, he wrote to me about a part in Cut. I was scared as s#!t, but went for it and fell in love with making scary films.

So Cut just came out of post-production and you saw it?

I haven’t seen the final finished film, but I’ve seen bits and pieces. It looks amazing. We had such a brilliant cast and crew. I think it is going to be loved by many!

What is your character all about in Cut?

I played Carmen, the girlfriend of the main bad guy Jonathon. Carmen is a complex character – she is sweet, sexy and evil all rolled together. She is so in love with Jonathon. She struggles between good and bad.

How did you get yourself into the mindset to play this crazy character?  

It was pretty easy once I got on set. There was such a creepy vibe, because of where we were shooting – the west Virginia State Penitentiary….which is rumored to be haunted.

Your performance seems like it required you to balance horror, sexuality and fluidity. How did you go about trying to do that?

Why, thank you. Yes, I guess it did! The sexuality is something that I’m very used to, but playing an evil character is so so outside of my normal bubbly self. The make-up, long hours and being away from home helped.

Since Cut seems to have some very dark situations that occur within the film, what was it like having to act in these various situations? Can you tell us about filming these scenes?

It sure did! It’s hard to talk about my darker scenes without giving away parts of the film, but I can say that one of my killing scenes was a man’s biggest fantasy and biggest fear all rolled into one. Every guy on set was uncomfortable!

Since Cut has a huge cast, what did you bring to the table that makes you stand out, so that you don’t get lost in the middle of it all?

It had a huge awesome cast for sure. I think Carmen stands out because she doesn’t look or sound like your average bad guy. She looks like the girl that would get killed in the shower. Plus, I have big tits that stand out.

Now for a more lighthearted question. What was your favorite moment or favorite part about being a part of Cut?

My favorite part was Joe Hollow telling the cast the film is going to the Cannes film festival. Also, being able to share something I’m doing with my family that I have clothes on in…well, most of the time!

And of course, people like to know about drama. So what was the most difficult or challenging part of it all?

There really was no drama in it for me. In the beginning, I feared the other actors would be judgmental about my porn background, but I don’t feel they were at all. I made some really great friends on set.

So what’s next for you?

I just finished filming Piranhaconda for the Syfy channel. I’m currently working on a new horror film – The Locals – playing a fun character named Bambi Taylor.

What can we expect to see you doing with the rest of your career?

I hope to keep doing horror films and am currently pitching a reality show around a hot dog restaurant I plan on opening called Angie’s Wieners.

Any final comments?  

Thank you.

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