Shady Cadey

Cadey Mercury (whose favourite singer is Freddie Mercury) doesn’t pull punches with what she tweets on Twitter

Mar 4 2018: Trolling online be looking like the troll in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship. xD

Mar 15 2018: I just started watching Boogie Nights for the first time and it honestly is making me want to cry the whole time.

Apr 5 2018: I think it’s funny that everyone tells people that are at a low point, that it’s only temporary, but what they failed to realize is happiness is only temporary also.

May 7 2018: So first, I have a coke problem and now you’re telling me I have a drinking problem. Please tell me more stuff you completely know about me `cause apparently you know everything about me and what I do in life, which is a surprise cause we’ve never met or talked before.

May 13 2018: I’m watching the South Park episode with the Hybrid cars, and the one thing that catches my attention is Cartmen saying “I swore I’d never step foot in San Francisco…God help me” – That’s what I thought on my b’day. LMAO! XD No offense but San Francisco wasn’t on my list of places to visit.

May 15 2018: It’s so hard to find a clean girlfriend near me. So many nasty girls in my home town. Why can’t I find a girl that’s not ratchet and is clean?

Jul 6 2018: Sorry hun but I only meet fans at conventions. I wouldn’t feel comfortable going away on a vacation with someone I don’t know and to a cabin….kinda seems like an idea for a murder movie. It’s still a no because even on MeetMe, I’m not looking to meet and you know that!

Jul 13 2018: Brah, you obviously did not read my f#cking post. I literally just said I am doing everything I possibly could do. My fingers are bleeding, you would think if I have Band-Aids or superglue I would use that but obviously I just said that I can use my pressure on it…

Jul 30 2018: So I guess today is another let’s p!$$ off Cadey day. Okay, I’m ready to rip anyone a new @sshole today.

Aug 16 2018: …and people f#cking wonder why I flip out easily because of s#!t like this. I’ve been f#cking diagnosed with bipolar disorder by a f#cking legitimate doctor. I don’t need no f#cking fan on Twitter f#cking telling me that I have signs of bipolar disorder.

Same day: I’m not gonna lie. The dumbest, most ignorant and cocky people in the world are mainly on Twitter. You all think you’re f#cking doctors, psychiatrists, therapists or whatever you guys think you are…but you guys just f#cking s#!tty people that think they know everything but you don’t.

Aug 23 2018: Don’t ask me to stay in contact after I delete my Twitter cuz I’m getting rid of every part of Cadey. I’m not even going to talk to people that I’ve worked with. If I’m not even going to stay in contact with those people, what makes you think I’ll stay in contact with fans.

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