Taylor’s tales

Jodi Taylor looks like a much more younger version of Clea DuVall. You can read her thoughts on her Tumblr account, which stands out because it’s text-driven unlike other adult entertainers. Her Twitter account (under her real name) is actually more informative. Here are 17 tweets since the scariest horror movies are NC-17 before they were censored (unlike sick chick flicks).

16 Sep 2012: I had a dream I met Truman Capote. I think it’s a sign I should be him for Halloween. Instead of being Freddy Krueger for the hundredth time.

5 Mar 2013: This hidden person was following me and sending me creepy texts such as “I see you like the color purple” as a joke.

8 Aug 2013: None of my fantasies involve scary doctors or scary needles. Those are my nightmares.

27 Jan 2014: Well, now I have to go let scary people put wax on my vagina hair and then rip it off. So I’m going to complain about it.

29 Apr 2014: My nightmares are so boring now. It’s always like “No, I’m late!! Dear god why?!” Or “Oh, I left the garage open! No!” Kinda miss Freddy Krueger.

12 Oct 2014: Instead my dream was a nightmare that I was late for work, driving on terrifying cliffside and blind.

4 Jan 2015: It’s about being frightening and scary so no one talks to me. I revert into an anti-social twit at the gym.

5 Jun 2015: My friend and I were just talking about scary children’s cartoons. Courage the Cowardly Dog was the scariest for us. Name other scary cartoons.

10 Jan 2016: When my snake doesn’t eat, I have nightmares of him dying. I’ve had nightmares for the past three weeks, finally I can have sexy dreams again

31 Jan 2016: Idaho people are going to make fun of me but I can’t deny it. I’ve become an L.A. person. Driving in the rain is scary.

10 Apr 2016: Every time I drink, I either have a sex dream that turns into a nightmare or a nightmare that turns into a sex dream.

24 Apr 2018: Lesbians can be just as creepy, whiny and predatory as men. If i don’t want to sleep with you get the f#ck over it.

27 May 2018: Girls are being more predatory than men these days. Taking advantage of the fact that the media will kiss the ass of anything that could be even remotely related to me too. It’s as creepy as the men that actually are sexual predators.

6 Jun 2018: My father died in the hospital. Under Trumpcare, they’d have also bled my mom dry. Luckily, it failed. I also had a rock thrown at me just because a Trump supporter assumed from the back I was Middle Eastern as my group of friends were speaking Arabic.

12 Jun 2018: I have a lot of reoccurring nightmares. But since my dad died, the nightmares have turned good because I usually see my dad in them. So I’ll be like “Dad, you died” and he’ll be like “No, I didn’t” and all the bad things that usually happen just turn into me being with my dad.

27 Jun 2018: I was very aggressively harassed by men in the streets today and just so we’re clear me too girls, it became harassment when I said ‘Go away’ and they didn’t. It became aggressive harassment when I had to scream and threaten to call the police.

22 Jul 2018: Trump is president, there’s a Mamma Mia 2, and like all my favorite Avengers died. This is definitely Hell.

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