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Jenny Bede should be cast as the star of an English or American movie. She may not be classed as undiscovered, but she can be identified as underused, especially considering how charismatic that she is

She was especially underused in Edgar Wright’s The World’s End. Her role could easily have been played by a mute. The role is an ideal example of what it means to be window dressing. It’s a downright shame considering that Jenny has the ability to talk and sing like different people. In an episode of Hollywood’s Best Film Directors, Doug Liman talked about wanting to cast Jennifer Aniston for Getting In, but the producers said “She wasn’t a name, she was a nobody” and they wanted Kristy Swanson (who was in a couple of John Hughes movies). I hope that the same thing doesn’t happen to Jenny, but it would be easy to imagine her being dismissed as no-one or nothing despite the fact that she is the closest that Britain has to having their own Jennifer Lawrence.

The closest that she’s been to being in a mainstream movie is, bar none, the literal personification of a truly thankless (silent) role in The World’s End (2013). She played a fitness trainer. It was a role that anyone (from extras to models) could have played. Edgar Wright should be ashamed of himself for not at least giving her the opportunity to reveal some facial expressions if not revel in humour-heavy dialogue. Actually, I think she should have been cast as Rosamund Pike’s role. It’s not like Rosamund needed to be cast because of her clout, especially when you consider that the box office performance of The World’s End wasn’t anything to write home about. Quite frankly, Jenny is a more interesting actress. Here is a casting portfolio of sorts…


Cheryl Cole:




Jessie J:


Kate Bush:

Kate Middleton:

Lana Del Ray:

Miley Cyrus:


Nicki Minaj:

Tulisa Contostavlos:

Taylor Swift:


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