TVB newbie

I’ve been truncating my manuscript which is an English translation of Wong Jing’s 2011 tell-all. I changed the format of the book by having most of his words reconfigured as third person narration. This allowed me to put in my own insights and research into what would have otherwise been a fairly skimpy book (i.e. Jing could have done with having less photos and more words). My problem is that literary agents and publishers have a strict policy about how many words that you can have – something which can only be adjustable depending on the popularity of the subject matter. I didn’t want to completely get rid of chapters and passages in general, so this blog has been essentially a dumping ground for them. In this instance, this article is going to be a depot for what was going to be the third chapter: Jing’s years working for TVB – the Hong Kong equivalent to The Beeb (i.e. BBC).

I will come back to this, shortly. In the meantime, I have more pressing matters to attend to.

For those who are wondering where the Jude Poyer article went…just head over to the Saiyan article and scroll halfway down.

As for the cover, The Romancing Star II (1988) is loosely based on Jing’s TVB tenure.

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