The name of an actress

She is primarily an indie actress with the occasional dabbling in mainstream fare. Here are ten tweets from a woman who is also a director…

3 Dec 2009: Some go to work + save lives or sell cars. Some go to work + lie in bed naked with Bryan Greenberg. Thanks, Big Green. It was real.

26 Jan 2010: So, I think my computer is flirting me. Itunes has been making consistently seductive choices… I gotta admit, my macbook IS pretty hot.

25 April 2010: Weed is illegal, Lally. At least be discreet. RT @AndyLally: Relaxin Sunday, mowin the lawn, weeding, listening to the excitement at Dega…

31 May 2010: Sorry its been so long since I tweeted. I’ve been watching Sex and The City 2 this whole time.

27 Jun 2010: I look pretty good naked but I look 10″ naked-er on stilts.

29 Nov 2010: The second you get naked in the shower, shower curtains become pervy ghosts.

17 Jan 2011: It’s hard to not look sexy in a pilot’s uniform, but when it happens it’s pretty funny.

1 Nov 2011: Yes, that was a penis you just saw. HBO flexing the nude muscles.

17 Aug 2013: “@szilmolnar: Why is a female director naked on the cover of @NewYorkMag?” Because intellect doesn’t cancel out femininity.

13 Sep 2013: Sexy men watch 2 films in one night.

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