The worth of a rose

When Kate Bosworth’s naked photos were leaked (i.e. the infamous Fappening), I was surprised that there were no photos of herself engaging in nude lesbianism, because she isn’t afraid of public displays of affection with another woman as seen by the below photos with Liv Tyler. I have selected sixteen tweets from Kate where the motif is one of her closest friends, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The final tweet, in particular, seems like an attempt to rope RHW in (or reel her in if you believe there’s plenty of fish in the sea).

20 Feb 2012: @DerekBlasberg and Everything-is-Rosie… my favorite faces to see in the crowd #LFW

18 Apr 2012: @RHW Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!!! xx KB

22 Apr 2012: Replying to @CherCoulter…

@CherCoulter @rhw missed you toooooo!!!
Sorry bout the late night walk home…C-ouch-ella 😦

11 May 2012: #FF @michael_polish @moonietunes @CherCoulter @Bevansburg @RHW @nikkipennie

4 Sep 2012: @RHW Thank you lovely Rosie xx

23 Feb 2013: Replying to @RosieHW

Love these gals xx β€œ@RHW: My girls at #chanel dinner L.A. @katebosworth @poppydelevinge #thenightbefore #oscars”

24 Feb 2013: Such a fun night x β€œ@CherCoulter: My girls looking uber chic!!! @rhw @katebosworth @chanel”

8 Mar 2013: #ff #InternationalWomensDay πŸ’—πŸ‘πŸ˜˜ @jasperpolish @CherCoulter @moonietunes @RHW @nikkipennie @lakebell @duplaselton @patiprema @EmeseSzenasy

18 April 2013: @RosieHW Happy Birthday you sexy thang! Hope you dance the night away… Sending all my love. xx 😘

3 Sep 2013: Replying to @RosieHW

Thank you our gorgeous friend. @RosieHW @michael_polish

21 Oct 2013: Replying to @amandadecadenet

I would bet on a suggestion from @RosieHW …

11 Apr 2015: Replying to @CherCoulter

Loved seeing you guys! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–@CherCoulter @RosieHW

18 May 2015: Stars for a Star 🌟 I’m so happy you love your new #Charlotte boots @rosiehw 🌹 Love you beauty x #RG

1 Nov 2016: Replying to @RosieHW @BazaarUK…

23 Apr 2018: Weekend birthday memories 🎞🌹✨ loved celebrating you Rosie + Cassandra xx

8 Jun 2018: In case you haven’t already checked out my profile on Rose Inc. You can learn all about my favorite beauty products and routines here -> @RosieHW 🌹

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