Katherine Litwack, professionally known as Kat Dennings, has been described as a voracious reader. I went out of my way to find tweets that supported this (not that I am a disbeliever).

11 Mar 2009: Just finished “South of the Border, West of the Sun” by Haruki Murakami (obviously). You slay me every time, Murakami! Oh, the humanity.

15 Mar 2009: Still writing the book. It’s taking a turn for the serious though. Weird!

25 Jul 2009: Book: “Today I Wrote Nothing” – Daniil Kharms. Song: “In The Room Where You Sleep” – Dead Man’s Bones. Food: apple sauce. Mood: priceless.

14 Oct 2009: Book: “Master of Reality” by John Darnielle. Music: The Pipettes. Drinking: pomegranate juice. Weather: raining. Lifegasm!

4 Dec 2009: Ordering books off of Amazon Marketplace always makes me feel like a shady alleyway drug addict.

30 Aug 2010: A hot girl reading ‘The Art of Seduction’ is like a fat guy reading a cookbook.

14 Sep 2010: My friend Andrea Seigel’s book, ‘The Kid Table’, hits shelves today. Pick it up, she is damn good.

13 Jan 2011: A taste of my beautiful friend Emma’s beautiful memoir. I STRONGLY URGE you all to pick it up, it’s a life-changer:

7 May 2011: Emma Forrest’s devastatingly gorgeous memoir “Your Voice In My Head” is finally out in the U.S. Pick it up…you won’t be sorry. True beauty.

5 Aug 2011: Book trailers make me lol.


25 Jan 2012: @MiaFarrow I was reading an Evelyn Waugh book, looked up and said to myself – “Why doesn’t anyone talk like this anymore?”

22 Feb 2013: My brother spent 12 years writing an INCREDIBLE book…mysterious, cosmic, romantic…I could go on, but click this:

23 Feb 2013: Check out my brother’s AMAZING book, Moon College; romance, mystery and moonness:

7 April 2013: I think I’m in love with @sophiedahl.

19 Jan 2014: Nothing says “I have a lot of books” like packing 25 boxes of books.

16 Jul 2014: My beloved Pops wrote a novel. It’s amazing. My brother and I made the cover. Find it here:

3 April 2015: If you’re in the mood to laugh and feel feelings, pick up “Everybody Knows Your Name” – a dope novel you can get here:

14 Aug 2015: @BethBehrs @RWitherspoon Our book club is a very big deal right now.

19 Sep 2015: WOW @sarahhepola that was fantastic. Cried at the Bubba stuff. I loved the whole book. Too much to cram into a tweet! Thanks for writing it!

17 Oct 2015: I 💖 book club. #GrapeExpectationsLiterarySociety

17 Jan 2016: Book club realness sans our sweet little grape @BethBehrs. Don’t worry, I drank for both of us. #GrapeExpectations 🦄

13 May 2016: The amazing @BethBehrs & @MattfDoyle wrote an AMAZING digital comic book called ‘DENTS’ and it’s FINALLY AVAILABLE!

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