Amber & April

Amber O’Neal is the blonde wrestler whereas April Hunter is the one who is not. Amber was born in 1974 whereas April was born in 1976. These tweets are from Amber to April…

Oct 31 2009: Good luck girl! Very awesome the way you never stop challenging yourself. You look amazing!

feb 5 2010: Lololol, the whole world stops here in the south! We’ve been snowed in for almost a week. Over 8 inches! Lol. How is it where you are?

Mar 12 2010: Love, love, LOVE your Twitter about freaks of nature and works of art! Brilliant!

Apr 5 2010: You go, girl! I’m rootin’ for ya.

May 28 2010: Ok, guuuurl! Your competition is so close! You can do this! I will buy you your fav dessert afterwards but no choc chips ’til after! Mwah.

Jul 27 2010: Guuuurl! Your tweets entertain me! You are so raw and honest! Wish more bee-otches in the world were like you! Follow @aprilhunter for realness.

Aug 8 2010: Well, you’re my workout motivation, so I say NO! But it’s Sunday cheat day, so just one! FYI, glutes are soooo sore from Friday’s workout. Ouch.

Oct 11 2010: Lingerie football?? Guuuurl, where do we sign up?

Nov 9 2010: My guess was it was the price you pay for being over the top hot too! Let your tweeps know when you’re there safe, chica!

Nov 16 2010: Hunny, if I believe anyone on the planet can do this. It’s you! Now me knowing you like I do and w/ you being my fitness mentor! YOU CAN DO IT!

Jan 10 2011: Dying to hear this story! He’s def the most SHADY promoter I’ve ever worked for! Never again!

Oct 14 2012: Please, April, write a book.
Your life is one that should be shared, and you have inspired me in so many ways and I feel you could inspire others!
Because so many have pushed me to write, here it is.
Please follow: “Putting The Clothes On and Taking The Gloves Off.”

April Hunter addressing Amber O’Neal on Twitter…

Oct 11 2010: Just emailed you a diet. Hope this works. Had a few questions about your habits. I need you to get back to me on how to customize it for you. 🙂

Sep 23 2011: Oh, you’re coming down!!! Yay! For how long?

Part 2: Really? You’re here now? We could hang out and custom it up! Text me!!!

Nov 18 2011: Oooh, take my show virginity…:)

Dec 16 2011:  Thank youuuuu! FETISH!! 🙂

Sep 17 2012: XOXO. 🙂

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