The initial women’s roundtable

Long before Hollywood Reporter made it a thing, the Premiere magazine had put together a roundtable of Hollywood actresses for a special issue that was published in March 1993. It was the first time that Premiere had an issue that was entirely about women. Knowing how sexist that Hollywood is, and how money is the main aim, perhaps the investors behind Premiere had the courage to put together a female-exclusive issue because of the success that Femme Fatale had. The latter magazine began publication in the summer of 1992. Throughout the commotion of the Me Too movement, the annual female-only edition of Premiere got lost in the shuffle. Here are some choice quotes from the roundtable discussion in 1993…

Sally Field: At social gatherings, we end up in a corner saying How did you behave in this situation? and Did anyone ever do this to you?

Demi Moore: Yes, last week, three of us – Nicole Kidman and Sally and I – were talking about how to deal with certain men who have a problem with strong women.

Jodie Foster: People tend to stick women into two categories – either you’re sexual or you’re a mother, and the twain shall never meet. It’s always catch-22. When you’re a woman and you’re down, people tell you Cash it in now, because it’s never going to work out. Well, you know, men have always been able to say I’ll get back on top.

Sally: When I started, I did television for a long time. I went to my agent and said I’m not doing any more television. And he said You can’t do that. Women don’t make any money in film – and you’re not pretty enough. It was devastating. I said You’re fired.

Demi: Rob Reiner did me such a great service in A Few Good Men because there’s no romantic relationship with Tom. We don’t have a kiss – nothing. When this project was at TriStar in the previous administration, they read the script and the first notes back to Aaron Sorkin were Why is Jo female? She doesn’t take her clothes off, and there’s no love scene.

Jodie: What’s different about us is we identify with the underdog, so we spend a lot of time thinking about who’s left out. When you sit around a table like this with a bunch of guys, they spend a lot of time thinking about who’s on top.

Editor’s note: The best part of the magazine is the final section titled The Company of Women. There were over twenty pages of intercut statements where behind-the-scenes personnel talk about many kinds of problems including sexual harassment.

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