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Often is the case in film-making where thespians are hired for looking similar to someone because that someone is unavailable e.g. Ray Lui was the go-to guy to fill in for Chow Yun-Fat. The most famous example would be Underworld: Rise of The LycansKate Beckinsale didn’t want to star in it, so Rhona Mitra was hired. To be fair, the latter’s character was foreshadowed in the first movie, but the hair dye was an attempt to trick audiences into thinking that they were getting more of the same. The trick didn’t treat the producers because it was less profitable than the previous films. Teen Wolf Too should’ve been a lesson for them. It’s common for producers to look for actors or actresses who are potential replacements for those who are getting too old to play certain kinds of roles.

Adelaide Clemens is clearly being geared up to assume the mantle of Michelle Williams. Kristanna Loken was being touted as Sharon Stone 2.0. After stupidly changing her face, Renée Zellweger is being replaced by Jennifer Lawrence. The latter is an A-list version of Juliette Lewis who could easily pass as the daughter of Laura DernBlake Lively is the next Gwyneth PaltrowAnna Kendrick (who looks like Katrina Norman) is an experiment to see what would’ve happened had Tina Fey become a movie star at an earlier age. Jason Lewis looks like he could be the love child of Clint EastwoodDon Swayze is being hired for roles which Patrick would’ve got if he hadn’t died. Louis Garrel and Tyler Posey could easily be each other’s stand-in if not play twins. Will Arnett and Patrick Wilson could play a clone of each other. Ditto for Shelley Hennig and Jessica Uberuaga.

Amy Johnston could be the stunt double of Laura VandervoortMaggie Lawson was cast in Psych because she is a Alicia Silverstone lookalike to the extent that they could pass for twins. When I first saw Maggie (in a season 4 episode), I assumed that she was Alicia. This actually makes me wonder how the silver-tongue Silverstone would’ve felt about reuniting with James Roday (the star of Psych) after they had starred alongside one another in a 2003 TV series titled Miss Match. Lawson is four years younger than Silverstone, so that made her more desirable for the producers of Psych. It didn’t hurt that she was the cheaper choice, like how Adrianne Palicki is an affordable Elizabeth Banks or how Cherilyn Wilson is a low-rent Scarlett Johannson. By the way, I think that Brooke Vincent looks like Sinn Sage. Both have played lesbians. Anna Walton and Thandie Newton could pass for biracial sisters.

Seeing Gage Golightly and Jordan Hinson side by side has made me happen upon the notion of casting them as sisters in case the deal with Jenny Bede and Juno Temple falls through, although if Jenny is the only one to not accept it then Lyndon Smith would take her place. Then there’s Kristina Law and Kristine Emerson, if not Amber Heard and Jessica Serfaty. Back to Jordan, she looks like Katie Goldfinch. If they decline the chance to star in an adaptation of my fashion novel, then I would go for Shailene Woodley as the shallow cynic and Emmy Clarke as the foil. After Shailene became a movie star, I’m surprised that no one thought about casting Emmy if Shailene lacked interest. If Shailene or Emmy lack interest to star in the adaptation, it’s Ilana Becker as the diva and Beth Behrs as the hippy. Other noteworthy choices would be Evan Rachel Wood and Rachel Brosnahan. Equally tempting is Katie McGrath and Catherine Davis. Ditto for Emily Kinney and Vanessa Kirby.

My penultimate picks are Tricia Helfer and Ivana Miličević. They almost pass for twins too. They were born in the same year and month. My final choices are Melina Kanakaredes and Sasha Alexander. If a casting director was casting lookalikes to play sisters, Kate Mara would be more compatible with Cameron Esposito than Rooney Mara. The latter likes she could be the sister of Tom Hiddleston. Similarly, Gracie Dzienny (who looks like what if Lindsley Register got into the industry at an earlier age) looks like she could be the sister of T.J. Miller. I’m surprised that Emilia Clarke and Melanie Scrofano haven’t been cast as sisters. Brit Marling and Britt Robertson could easily play daughters of Julia Ormond. Haley Bennett could play the daughter of Cate BlanchettNatasha Leggero looks like Constance Zimmer.

Emma Stone and Kara Tointon could do the same in correlation to Melinda Clarke. It would be most charming for Sally Field to play the mother of Christina RicciHannah Tointon and Mena SuvariMegan Fox and Ruby Rose would be perfect as sisters (especially in a film about incest). After watching Michael Sheen in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, I think that he should play the stoic brother of Simon Pegg. I’m surprised that Tom Cruise hasn’t been cast as the father of Nicholas Hoult (who should have been the next Cruise). I wonder if Nicholas will play Tom’s son in Top Gun 2Kerris Dorsey could play the daughter of Betsy Brandt. Jenny Bede could play the younger version of Anne Heche. Ditto in regards to Nina Dobrev and Emmanuelle Chriqui respectively.

Mia Wasikowska and Odette Delacroix bear a striking resemblance. Mageina Tovah looks like a latter-day version of Carol Kane, who could play the mother of Emily Kinney. Becoming a mother had stopped Leelee Sobieski from living up to her potential in being the next Helen HuntJuno Temple could play the younger Zoë Wanamaker. There are people who believe that Holly Marie Combs is related to Jennifer Salt due to their eerily uncanny resemblance. The same thing could be said about Angie Harmon in correlation to Ali MacGraw. It’s easy to believe that the only reason why lookalikes have different surnames is because they are trying to avoid accusations of nepotism e.g. Nicolas Cage. If Angie was discovered earlier, she could’ve been in cast in the remake of The Getaway.

Zoey Deutch and Haley Lu Richardson look like they share the same gene pool. Ditto for Jaime Pressly and Margot Robbie. Although as Jamie gets older, Margot will have more in common with Lauren German. Willa Holland could play a younger Amy Acker. Dermot Mulroney should’ve been cast as Joe Perry in a movie about Aerosmith. Likewise, Jeff Kober should’ve been cast as Steven Tyler. Because he strongly resembles Mark ZuckerbergJacob Zachar should’ve been cast in The Social Network. Perhaps Jacob was unavailable or unapproached. If it was the latter, star power wasn’t really all that important due to the subject matter. Andy Samberg looks like he could’ve played the younger Steve Jobs in either film. The pre-tran Wachowskis could’ve cast Elizabeth Mitchell to play Trinity if Carrie Anne-Moss refused to star in the follow-ups to The Matrix.

Alexandra Lalonde resembles Emma Roberts and Blake Lively. Because of her resembling E.L. James, I can’t help but wonder that was the reason why Dakota Johnson was cast in Fifty Shades of Grey. While some have noted this, those few people haven’t described it as an abstract version of nepotism. It’s comparable to parents who see their offspring as extensions of themselves who will have better victories. It makes sense when you consider that critics accused Stephenie Meyer of creating a cipher of herself in the form of Bella Swan, which makes more sense when you consider that Twilight provided the foundation for Fifty Shades of Grey. This makes even more sense when you consider that Grey (a fourth novel that flopped) was an attempt to mimic the gimmick of Midnight Sun.

I wonder how Riley Keough feels when she gets cast because Kristen Stewart is unavailable, albeit they share a literally passing resemblance. It comes and goes depending on how much Riley’s weight fluctuates. With more weight, she does resemble Elaine Hendrix (especially when she smiles). Coincidentally, Riley is Dakota’s closest friend. Riley was in a lesbian film titled Jack & Diane, so time will tell when Dakota does a lesbian film with her (there are leaked nude photos of Dakota with women). Speaking of sapphic content, it’s a shame that no-one has thought about casting Taylor Swift to play Traci Lords in a biopic. What makes the casting even more perfect is that Traci used to have a music career. Britt Robertson looks like Traci too. Hollywood TV land has yet to make the exploit the facial connection between Willa Holland and Julianne Hough.

For your consideration: Annabelle Attanasio lookalike – Alix Gitter. Jeanne Tripplehorn lookalike – Rachel Maxwell. Katie Cassidy lookalike – Sara Thompson. Minnie Driver lookalike – Genevieve Farrell. Hayden Panettiere lookalike – Hayden Tweedie. Juliette Lewis lookalike – Whitney Rose Pynn. Valeria Golino lookalike – Aglaya Tarasova. Lily Collins lookalike – Freya Tingley. Christina Ricci lookalike – Emily Robins. Jodie Comer lookalike – Valene Kane. Angelina Jolie lookalike – Rebecca Rittenhouse. Danielle Panabaker lookalike – Ashleigh Cummings. Natalie Dormer lookalike – Sarah Bolger. Ruby Wax lookalike – Gracie Gillam. Cobie Smulders lookalike – MJ Dionne. Yeardley Smith lookalike – Caitlin Hale. Amy Adams lookalike – Kelsey Sanders. Jane Levy lookalike – Gabrielle Haugh. Paula Malcomson lookalike – Kristine Wilson. Ashley Rickards lookalike – Sarah Fischer. Shannen Doherty lookalike – Daniela Leon. Evan Rachel Wood lookalikes – Haley Ramm and Madison Ford. Scarlett Johansson lookalikes – Aubrey Michelle and Michelle LaRue. Morgan Stewart lookalikes – Hassie Harrison and Kasey Cohen. Leisha Hailey lookalikes – Basia A’Hern and Jana Winternitz.


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