B.A. does not spout B.S.

Her star sign is Cancer. She was born on July 17, 1964 in Huntington Beach, California. As of this time in writing, she is 52. This is serendipitous because her height is 5 feet, 2 inches. She is known as Brandy Alexandre (sic). She looks like Anjelica Huston and Gemma Bissix.

She posted the following paragraph in a `90s forum about writing: “I’m writing my autobiography. I find myself going back and forth between present and past tense. I sometimes use the collective “you” instead of first person. I don’t know which I should stick to or if I have to stick with one or the other. When retelling a particular anecdote, I use past tense. When making generalizations about situations still in place, I use present tense. You should read the send-up (more fact than fiction) that I’ve written about solicitors on the internet.”

Why she would make for a unique romantic writer: “Chemistry doesn’t always mean compatibility. There was a study about the kinds of people we fall in love with. It seems that the first time we legitimately fall in love, whether or not it’s a good or bad person, it sets into motion a chemical pattern that will dictate the type of person we will be attracted to for the rest of our lives. I have to say that there are similarities in every guy my sister went out with. Unfortunately, the same goes for me as well. Nobody has a soul. We are just a matter of biology. It’s our intelligence that makes us question our existence along with believe that we are more privileged than other biological entities. That has nothing to do with a soul. Interjecting “soul” into it IS interjecting theology. Part of the human condition is to look out for number one and, if it’s not too much trouble, everyone else if we have the time or inclination. I would never leave a person bleeding in the street. My life decisions have no affect whatsoever on my ability to care for people.”

In the twentieth century, it wasn’t requisite for actresses to speak to fans outside of conventions (such as today where celebrities are obligated to communicate on Twitter). Alongside a small circle of stars, she always found the time to speak on movie message boards. She sets the record straight: “To me, a whore will do anyone, anywhere, for any reason. Nena Cherry stated in several posts that she loved gang bangs before she ever got into porn, and used to seek them out. She says she was a party girl, drugs enhanced her encounters and she generally liked to go out to fornicate; so she’s got good interpersonal skills. In my case, I really led a “normal” life except my 9 to 5 was only two or three times a month and was sex under professional circumstances. Any person who wildly engages in sex with total disregard for propriety, and certainly one who spams the internet with pictures of her doing it, is a whore.”

This is what she had to say in a topic about porn stars who were either rivals or enemies: “My best facial cumshot, I think, was with Blake Palmer, of whom I DESPISE more than anything. Ron Jeremy is just an extremely obnoxious and vulgar individual who has nothing better to do in life than drop names trying to make himself sound important. He’s a Hollywood hanger-on who says every celeb he’s shaken hands with is his good friend. He is not representative of the industry and does more harm than good. He never shuts up. His manner on the set is absolutely unprofessional and not conducive to a good portrayal of sexual interest. I come by my opinions through personal, professional and social contact. I tried to give him a chance.”

As far as porn actresses go, she had stricter limits than most but respected those who couldn’t afford to have a no-no: “Stooping to gangbangs, rimming and watersports as failure. Depends on your point of view. Tell us, under what circumstances is it a good thing to still be able to make a living in porn; when you have to start doing things you said you’d never do in order to remain? Most girls make enough money to put themselves through college three or four times over. You make it sound as if it is more commonly the aspiration and a bit like winning the lotto to be able to be in the business, when so many threads here have proven it is the opposite for the majority of the participants – the only thing they can do short of standing on street corners. Bianca Trump included. I’m retired.”

She has her head on straight: “With regard to porn sex scenes, which I refer to as full contact scenes, even  if the director is the one who writes the script and goes into detail, you just can’t tell what the mood with be on any given day even if the performers have worked together before. What is envisioned sometimes simply cannot be brought to the screen. Even as a full contact actress, while people may poo-poo that sex is sex and can’t see why I would not do girl/girl scenes, *I* know the difference and drew fine lines about what kind of sex I was willing to portray. Given the circumstances, my position would be more understandable than the non-contact scenes, but it always floors me what “real” actors and actresses won’t “pretend” to do. I think that’s mostly in American films. One of my favorite examples of actors getting into their roles is a non-porn film titled Queen Margot. There is a sex scene between Isabelle Adjani and Vincent Perez where they either actually had sex or he really, really likes her.”

Ron Jeremy is rebuked furthermore: “Discussion as to the content of a sex scene (what “types” of sex) is thoroughly discussed before filming. He said nothing about anal, and regardless of our personal relationship, he didn’t deserve to have such a valuable “asset” to the movie free of charge. I could have easily stopped the scene to smack him in the chops and no one would have blinked.”

A similar cretin is criticized: The same thing happened in My Wildest Date. I was called to fill in for someone (Victoria Paris) who didn’t show up (she has fake titties anyway). That scene was supposed to be anal but I don’t do anal and I told him. They wanted me anyway because it was 1:00am, but Buck Adams decided to do anal anyway without benefit of negotiation. I held my model release hostage for $500 extra. The producer had a cow and reminded me that ordinarily the extra charge is only around $100. Of course I agreed, but ordinarily the deal is made beforehand and the actress is aware of the anal scene.”

She talks smack about Nina Hartley and a German porn star: “I wouldn’t actually call her names, but it does at the very least make her a hypocrite. She had stated a number of things which she would never do just to keep working. Now, she has “changed her mind” on all of them. I love her and always will, but it’s hard to respect. She always said she’d go back to nursing first. When you see performers doing things they never used to do, you can smell the desperation on them to keep the attention. I can hold up Nina, her boob jobs and anal antics as an example. Hell, she even licked my anus. Angela Baron was the industry’s first Barbie (nose, tits, liposuction, everything). She even has hair extensions.”

She talks about other porn stars: “I never had a good cumshot with Peter North.  I was very much against doing the cumshot the way that it was done in Blowing in Style. It was illogical to the scene and failed to be what John Stagliano had wanted. It would have been better to go traditional and just have him blast me. I’ve never been on a set with Debi Diamond, I heard she was a thief once (we use a lot of private homes for sets). I think that Roxanne Hall has a very low opinion of herself. While many strippers think they’re better than porn stars I personally feel it the other way around. Roxanne should speak for herself. I’m sure she hasn’t many friends in the industry if that’s all she thinks of them. Savannah was an absolutely conceited, vain and unprofessional terror. She committed suicide because she THOUGHT she broke her nose. Need I say more?”

Regardless of what may be implied with the way that she spreads her legs, Brandy knows which side of the bread is spread: “Sadly, I don’t trust Jaded anymore any further than I can spit. While they were the company that supposedly stocked the lion’s share of my movies at a lower price than both Gamelink and ToyBoxxx, I never once got a commission check from them while I regularly got them from the other two. Why would that be? Why wouldn’t customers buy from a company with better prices and larger selection? The answer is that they did! Jaded, I can only assume, just decided not to share. If someone does it to you it’s exploitation. If you do it to yourself it’s capitalization. There are lots of people who would still be alive today if circumstances were different, but that fact they are not is due to their own actions just like if a diabetic eats a box of Twinkies just because they were set out in front of him.”

She talks about the opposite of bad blood before setting the record straight on her orientation: “Speaking of WEHT, guys, I listen to the business hour on a local news radio station, and the person they interviewed had the same real name as Robert Bullock. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard Robert’s voice, but I would say it was one in the same.  It was SO tempting to give a call because he was one of the few I got along with (the test being whether there was a brain present). But I know how I would have felt had the shoe been on the other foot and left well enough alone. At least it was nice to know he’s off on a new venture and I wish him well. I have never participated in a lesbian scene, some viewers say I have purely by the fact I have been licked.”

She trash-talks Holly Ryder: “She regrets her actions because now she doesn’t get any attention. She doesn’t want to go to work so she wants to weasel back in. Ms. Ryder, take note. I’ll be eyeing you the whole way. We don’t need your alleged good intentions. You made your bed, now lie in it. Her actions were to directly impede my right to commerce in a perfectly legal industry. She didn’t get work and it peeved her. She wanted to get back, and when that backfired, she’s trying to come back. Of course, that’s just my opinion based on experience with her and others like her. You’re right that I am not one of Holly’s friends. I *was* at one time in the context of our work, and proven by virtue of the fact that I hired her to the detriment of my project. There have been plenty of posts from others who see the transparency of Holly with equal clarity, so I guess I can relax.”

Her experience with Holly during the making of Soft Tail: “I was in the make-up during the shooting of the g/g scene. I had axed the sex between herself and Randy, so the g/g was just supposed to be a passing thing. I don’t put g/g in my movies. I found out that the cameraman shot whatever he wanted and obviously couldn’t shoot well without direction. Oh well. When I sat down in the editing room and timed out some footage, I decided to put in the g/g for length (rather than loop some of the same footage over and over which I *know* you guys hate). As for Ashlyn Gere, I’m afraid there’s nothing that can be done about her sweating. She sweats! Besides, I think half of that was Rocco Siffredi. If you see a scene where she *didn’t* sweat that much, it was a bigger budget production where they had the time to stop and mop her down every few minutes like Savannah.”

Jenna Jameson, Tiffany Mynx and Marc Wallice are not spared from Brandy’s firing line: “I don’t think anyone watches her as much because it was Jenna Jameson as it was just because it was a porn star. She is not portraying characters. She’s more or less playing herself in every vid. The Grammy didn’t snub her because is a non-person to them. They don’t have to consider her for anything any more than they have to consider any other nobody walking up on their stage. Only reason she made the FHM list was ballot stuffing. It was an internet poll. You could have logged on to the FMH site and voted as many times as you wish. I almost fired Tiffany and Marc from “The Best Butt in the West” because they disappeared to smoke pot. It’s not so much what they were doing that bothered me, but they didn’t tell anyone where they were going and they put the shoot behind schedule. If I hadn’t already shot footage I would have fired Spliff Tiff and Marc for drug use.”

She has a go at Bianca Trump and an incognito dancer: “She went into porn straight out of high school. No college, although she (at one time) claimed to have two degrees but she would not say from which university or in what. Even Jenna looking plastic is better than a current crack addict, now, wouldn’t it? I just want to know if she rivalled Debi Diamond like she said she was going to do. She advertised what movies she did, but she didn’t say whether she did a gang-bang, DP, cum bath, etc. The girl doesn’t seem that bright or interested in life. Getting a date often has nothing to do with looks and beauty. As for what’s she like to hang out with, I wasn’t impressed. I filed a D.B.A. a long time ago, which has long expired, but the name is still mine and I was able to squish a stripper using it, exact spelling even, with just a few phone calls. Of course, her subsequent suicide was unrelated.”

Censorship in porn: “Dildoes are made for the purpose of sex, so anything sexual you happen to do with them is okay. The baton, on the other hand, was considered a foreign object not design for the purpose of sex, so I took the slim path of voluntary use for masturbation, which is supposed to be the only reason a foreign object is okay. Unfortunately, because the cop touched it first, and the nature of scene, it could have been construed as force, so the use of the baton both vaginally and anally had to be cut from the domestic distribution version of the movie. There are several copies of the the uncut version around, and you can find it abundant in Europe. I have a very unconventional approach to porn, so my answer is hardly the norm. Usually it’s the distributor who makes the final decision because he’s the one that ends up with the fines and jail terms.

When she lost her virginity, what’s her best skill and which man she believes to be a psychological virgin: “I lost my virginity on May 16 in 1981. I’m probably the only person on the planet who remembers the exact day when I was no longer a virgin. I was 16 when I decided to lose it. Believe it or not, I wasn’t underaged in my first video. I was 22 and a half. “Best Friends, Part II” was shot in January 1987. I can put my feet behind my head, but not intentionally. I sunk into the couch and wound up with my knees by my ears. I’m just flexible that way. The only time I can think of, off the top of my head, is Private Places. I know there have been other times, I’m just having a hard time remembering if it was on or off camera. Rocco can be a sweetheart and we hoped to work together one day, but when I was behind the camera for “Cheeks 5”, I found him to be a whiny Prima Donna and decided I really *didn’t* want to ever work with him (albeit he doesn’t know that though).

Her beef with two porn stars: “It would sure be nice if Tyffany Millions knew how to post conversation, much less where to stick her advertising. The way that her latest batch of comments go, it looks like she talking to dead air. For someone that was allegedly accepted into MENSA, the obvious example of hundreds of properly formatted posts seems to have escaped her. I put up a page in response to Nena’s THREE pages obsessively dedicated to me, and her self-deluding forged support posts in her guestbook. Nobody is wrong about her AIDS status until she definitively proves us wrong. Silly girl, I don’t have AIDS, you do. You have herpes, You gave it to a few people. Show us your papers, bet you won’t, not just because she just says so and flips the cyber-bird. The fact that there are at least a hundred people from all factions of the industry who can confirm everything I’ve said about her pretty much puts to rest the “rumour” aspect that ousted her from porn and sent her packing back to an unsuspecting Texas.”

She waxes lyrical about the most controversial of porn stars: “There was nothing special about Traci Lords. The Traci Lords phenom is all hindsight. Regardless of the whys and wherefores, I sold one of her first movies on eBay for over $200. That’s not because she was a good cocksucker. People bought the stuff because she was the 15 year old porn star, not because she was all that attractive or a remarkable actress. NOBODY is “unaware” of her past. Nobody. I’m not saying that she doesn’t have anything going for, I’m saying all that’s driven her career has been the scandal. I haven’t got any personal feeling regarding Traci. I never met her. I don’t like her because of what she did to the industry and what she said about it because it was lies, but that has nothing to do with her work afterward.”

The caveats don’t stop the punches from rolling: I never said she wasn’t a star. She just wasn’t the “be all, end all, blockbuster” star that her name recognition now holds. I’m glad you’re from the thinking crowd that understands her career today rests on the fact she did porn. Any other person with the marginal talent which she possesses would never have gotten the breaks she has. At the same goes for Ginger Lynn and Ashlyn Gere. So, no, it’s not a “thing” I have about Traci. I’m realistic. When you see the responses to the “what was so special” discussion, you can clearly see that it was “nothing” from the non-fan side, and all things sexual on the other.”

Dishing on a few stars: “I know Robin Lee/Fallon genuinely squirts. Kathleen Gentry is/was a squirter but rarely focused on. When is come to squirt movies, all the attention is focused or the girl (or not for obvious reasons) much like it is for the guys who have to perform. I don’t think she was ever a squirter for the movies. She didn’t want to be and kind of hid it. I just remember during the filming of either Dance Fire, or Bare Essence, she shoved her partner away and said “Don’t make me cum!” A split second later, you could hear liquid spurting on the pavement and her embarrassed laugh. As for Buttman in Rio,  John had been there many times, we went and he prowled the live sex shows. The funny thing was that, although Brazilians are an oversexed bunch they don’t seem to want it on video. It was in Rio that for the very first time John, after two years, said he loved me. We broke up 3 months later. He then went on a Brazilian excursion and became HIV positive.”

Any blood that Traci wanted to spill would have to wait until Brandy’s beans stopped spilling (although she is nice about another star): “What’s made known to the public versus what’s made known to whoever is casting are surely two different things. Of course, I only have anecdotes to rely on…but my friend Glen Morgan only gave her a part in X-Files, where she was credited as Kimberly Ashlyn Gere, because he’s a porn fan. He set me up for a part for the same reason, and I never claimed to be an actress of any calibre. The bit was cut from the script and our friendship fell by the wayside before he could put me in something else. I remember way back when Keisha was getting into the business, it was sort of a mission for her because she had been turned down by Penthouse because of her weight. I think she wanted to prove that men like and can be attracted to real girls with meat on their bones.

The dissing is hitting without missing: “What I’m telling you is that the job would have been totally and entirely because of porn, which is why I can make the assertions that I do about other stars getting mainstream characters who require more than them playing a stripper, hooker or porn star. I wasn’t even pursuing acting and it was dumped in my lap just because of who I knew and how we became acquainted. So, he gave Ashlyn the roles in “Space: Above and Beyond” and “Millennium” for the same reason, if not more. He’s the common thread through all these gigs. Ashlyn was a superior actress as far as porn goes, but seeing her up against “real” actors who she pales in comparison with frankly, sets my teeth on edge even  though I love her to death.”

Her ideal partner in the romantic sense and what it means to be a true man in the sexual sense: “My astrologer told me that my perfect guy would be a Capricorn with a Scorpio Moon. My dream guy is Ralph Fiennes. A cock ring is just another tool for men who can’t keep an erection, as far as I know. These are probably the guys who can’t find a Viagra connection. It’s all cheating, if you ask me. The same thing applies to aphrodisiacs. Anyone who needs all this paraphernalia cannot be called a porn stud. I’ve worked with weak performers, but they were performers. The rest are just wannabes. In the old days, if they showed the man getting disrobed, he was almost always limp. I hate watching the woman suck a limp cock.”

She burns Tiffany Millions and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights: “Isn’t she too old for that? After a woman turns 35, the risks for genetic abnormalities increases tremendously. Not to be ragging on her rags to riches story, but why would anyone pay that much for her when they can get better odds for 90% less with someone a decade younger? She thinks you all are clueless and cockless wonders. Hopefully, even the hardest core fans are beginning to see the light. Maybe you were a little further behind me in that tunnel. I hate John Holmes. Marky Mark is as ugly as him, but that doesn’t mean he should play him. I would much prefer Matthew McConaughey.”

Bianca Trump is burned once more (something dark and dirty is hitting the fan): “How is she the Italian princess of porn? At the risk of opening up one HUGE can of worms, I’d like to know when was the last time any direct relative of someone who calls themselves an “African-American” actually lived in Africa. I, too, am the granddaughter of a true Dutchman, but not only do I not call myself Dutch-American, Holland-American, or even Euro-American, the option to so identify myself never appears on any information card under race. It’s not that I am not proud to be a born and bred American, but I believe in true and thorough equality.”

Hell won’t freeze over: As for whether or not B.T. is really Italian over the generic Italian-American that encompasses everything from a true immigrant to anyone with a good Alfredo recipe, is her prerogative. For one of few countries that let’s her get away with being a hooker and allowed her a career in porn without threat of incarceration, I find it truly a slap in the face. The fact is, her real last name is Polish. She claims it’s a married name, so we really don’t know. She claims LOTS of things, and she has forsaken the heritage of her other parent. The day we start calling porno movies “cine de pornographique” or whatever, is the day I burn my flag.”

She talks about Sexual Zone before criticizing a porn star: “I haven’t wrecked my posterior like the rest of them and will not need diapers within the next decade as a result. I felt every bit of it and would never have done it with anything bigger. I think maybe the largest was Steve Drake, and then I really only have about 5 anal scenes to list for my career. Anal is not very valuable from girls who do it all the time. It’s not special to your movie if you can see the same girl taking the same cocks the same way in dozens of other videos. I’m more into reverse vaginal than anal. Although I’ve been forced to do anal, I count my blessings that I’ve never been coerced into muff-munching. I didn’t even get blackmailed to kiss women. Then again, for all their fantasies, men want women for themselves.”

Cheeks 5 and Cheeks 4: “Cheeks 5, shot in the fall of 1991, fell under the axe by the craven regulation about foreign objects. In the case of Cheeks 5, I sent a finished copy directly to Administrative Vice in the L.AP.D. and asked. Three minutes landed on the cutting room floor, so to speak, by their suggestion. But since I did have the complete version already, we made a submaster for the foreign market and then took out the “offending” footage. In the case of Cheeks 4 and the hot tub scene, Coast to Coast didn’t have any problem with it, but Adam & Eve did and they wanted to buy a huge number of tapes so they cut the whole movie. I think they should have done essentially what I did – make them their own master without the scene in it and dupe whatever numbers they wanted. Nobody ever said this business was smart. Probably why I didn’t fit in well. I reminded them of all their shortcomings.”

General gripes: “You guys make it sound like a crime if a woman doesn’t go g/g scenes. The turnover rate for guys should be the same as girls. While girls have vaginas that are made for penetration, all rectums are equal. If guys think it should be so easy and feel so good, they should demonstrate it. You guys can spout your stereotypes about porn stars, we porn stars can spout our stereotypes about porn consumers. You guys may find this funny, but Hollywood actresses Courteney Cox and Lara Flynn Boyle are rumored to have bleached their bungholes. It’s still better than the bleach blondes of the early nineties who tried to outshine each other and literally hog the spotlights. I never did hard drugs like Teri Weigel or Savannah. I did hardcore sex with hardbodies. As for soft drugs like beer and cigarettes, I’d rather drink battery acid.”

Her misanthropic worldview: “I’m not one to spread rumors and start gossip, but right around the time that Kimberley Patton (a.k.a. Ashlyn Gere) appeared in an X-Files ep written by Glen Morgan, he split from his wife (in a matter of months after they had a baby). Then she was in Space, a Morgan project, and when that died, she showed up in the eps of Millennium that Morgan had his hands in. I thoroughly expected to see her in Final Destination, another Morgan outing, but it co-starred his new wife, Kristen Cloke (who, like Gere, was also in Willard). For all I know, she was in it but I just missed her. There is a saying that when men stray, they don’t stray far. The new girlfriends and mistresses bear a resemblance to the spouse. Look at Loni Anderson and Pam Seals. The latter is a cheap (very) imitation, but the similarities are there. Heck, look at me and Patricia Kennedy. Another very cheap imitation.”

Her evaluation: “There is no research that can definitively tell you why women get into porn. We are individuals. We have different upbringings, experiences, goals, personalities, etc. There is no legitimate research that would allow the pigeonholing coming up with a single answer would require. There are so many elements that make us unique it’s impossible to to give a scientific reason. All you will ever get are opinions.

Her self-evaluation: Here are my stats. I challenge any other porn star to match them: Baby of the family. Raised Mormon. Parents born in the ’30s. Parents still married. No smokers in family. No drinkers in family. No sexual abuse. No Physical Abuse. Cancer sun, Scorpio moon. Born via C-section. Two sisters, no brothers. Father with graduate degree. Farm-raised. City-raised. Top ten percentile in school. Performed in theater at 7. I wasn’t introduced. That implies someone, other than myself, was attempting to change the pattern of my life. It’s just something which I decided that I wanted to try after seeing a few movies and falling in love with John Leslie. The first x-rated movie which I ever saw was “Exposed” with John Leslie and Sharon Kane. Still one of the alltime best in my book. “

What porn has become for the new generation: “Porn is no longer the depiction of intimacy, but freak shows which cater to the lowest common denominator. I agree that if you like what the industry is putting out today, you hate women. There is no other explanation. When people say that I should get back into the business so I will “get what I deserve,” and knowing what my opinionated nature has brought me as a reputation, then it is clear that people view porn as a place to enact revenge upon women for imagined slights or feelings of inferiority which they produce. This isn’t human sexuality, it’s sexual abuse. If you think it is human sexuality, then you are as much of a villain as a victim.”

I don’t know if you Google yourself, but I hope that you have a happy birthday in six days time. As you once said: “A slut can be a porn star, but not all porn stars are sluts.”

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