Brain, brawn and beauty

This professional bodybuilder was originally going to be known as Lori Gates, but she changed her stage name to be masculine so as to mess with people’s heads. Here are some of her astute observations which she has made over the years on Facebook…

The ignorance of the South! I went to the store after a great workout where this white man about 48/50 years old came up to me and asked me if I was born a man! HA! I said no politely and then he asked if I’m sure? I looked at him and said you know what, I am sure, can you say that about yourself? God forbid women have MORE muscle than men. If we do, we must not be women! So I guess because the NFL players slap each other on their behinds, they must be gay! Don’t you despise ignorant people?!

I actually think lines under a woman’s eyes are attractive. Of course, she has to be an attractive woman to begin with but fake is just not attractive to me. Do people in other countries go this nuts over their looks or is it a U.S. thing? I do know women in other countries are not into the breast implants like Americans are.

The most precious thing in life costs nothing. It is called nature. But only those smart enough take the time to embrace it.

Why has Facebook turned into a complaint commission? My God. Is this all of you know how to do is just take things, pick them apart and whine? There are so many wonderful things in the world to talk about. To share or quote. To be a voice for animals or kids. You know, those that cannot help themselves. Instead, every time I jump on here someone is ragging on someone or complaining about the country. You know what that means? You need to be more physical. Go workout. Go for a jog, swim or do something productive. You have way too much energy and that is why you can constantly nitpick. Get off of your collective rears and go climb a mountain or something. It will help your attitude because it ALL starts there!

A woman’s greatest strength is her emotion, but it is also her greatest weakness. If she knows WHEN to use it, she can be stable and powerful. Unfortunately most do not.

Every Thanksgiving, I volunteer in soup kitchens in very poor areas in the U.S. Every Christmas, I pick one poor family and buy them gifts. Usually, these families are in the ghettos. When I was residing in Italy within a rural area, I helped families rebuild after past earthquakes. My next stop is Africa. You see, unlike many Americans who seem to like to grab memes and screaming their point, I choose to ACTUALLY and PHYSICALLY live my point!

I love this country but I have to say the people are so overweight that it is really sad. I can travel all over Canada or Europe and rarely see someone who is overweight. Do you not care how you feel? Wanting to be in shape and feeling healthy is a healthy way of thinking. Not taking supplements or diet pills to lose the weight or give you the muscle but to do it naturally. It does work – eventually! No wonder I stopped dating Americans a long time ago!

So for all of you ladies out there who are competing in BB or Physique in general, trying to make a name for yourself and walking down that path, my hat goes off to you. Not only do you look great but your character of strength is huge, for I know what kind of woman that it takes to walk down that lonely, competitive path in this sport! I am an Italian bodybuilder as well as a loving, passionate person.

I say SHAME on the women out there who had the power to do something positive for the sport! Those ladies who retired with titles, prestige and the connections. You should have joined together to spend your time making an easier path for the up and coming ladies in the sport. But this sport has always been and probably always will be about SELF. When it is about self, it eventually becomes a very lonely place to be. Sometimes, non existent. Case in point: any given Ms. Olympia.

I really wish it was mandatory for all guys at age 18 for 4 years, just like Singapore, to have to serve in the military! Then they would be doing something PRODUCTIVE with their life, appreciate the country they live in and would think twice about burning flags. It would give them purpose, excellent physical training and time to think about what they want to do in life. I know many people who have had made great careers for 20 plus years. A sense of purpose keeps people from being bored, from getting into trouble and keeps them useful!

I would love to ship ALL the people in this country who destroy the flag, make havoc in the streets, beat up on others, you know, all the violent people of either ‘political party’ with all the animal abusers in this country, to the Middle East! Just dump their behinds out there in the desert and let them fend for themselves. Talk about attitude adjustment!

You know you are growing when you suddenly become uncomfortable by moving out of your comfort zone by choice or by chance. If every day were easy then we would become lazy and complacent. It is life and the people in it who challenge us. But it’s how we react and what we do with it that is OUR indicator of where we are in our lives at that moment.

Do not really understand why the sanctuary cities in the U.S. are putting forth so much effort to help Illegals when they do not even put forth this kind of effort to help the homeless, the veterans and people who are both. Traveling to a country that is not your birth place is a ‘gift’ not a right. Americans really need to get over themselves and stop acting like spoiled brats! They are really embarrassing.

Africans have a thing called ubuntu. We believe that a person is a person through other persons. That my humanity is caught up, bound up, inextricably, with yours. When I dehumanize you, I dehumanize myself. The solitary human being is a contradiction in terms. Therefore you seek to work for the common good because your humanity comes into its own in community, in belonging.

I applaud the men and women in law enforcement who have put in 10 plus years of service and still can express kindness and compassion, at the same time exercising good, fair judgment. I really believe most people that go into law enforcement do so with the right intentions but some of those officers lose sight of those reasons due to the ‘reality’ of life and dealing with humans in their lowest form. I look back and honestly do not think I would be the person who I am today if I stayed put as a cop. I believe that I would have become jaded and very cynical, among other things.

Her pen name is (and original porn name was) Cori Gates before being known on porn sites as Cory Gates. She wrote a memoir titled Porn Star by Day, Lesbian by Night (this was published in 2015).

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