Sex, excess and success


The porn star on the left is named Victoria Paris. Going by her real name, she would’ve had more success had she been renamed Sheila Deville. There was a print interview where she claimed that her off-screen girlfriend, at one point, was Lauren Hall. She said her last few boyfriends had all stolen her money and/or cheated on her, so she was tired of men using her. Later, she split up with Lauren. Then, for a period of time, she hooked up with Ashlyn Gere off screen.

They first acted together in Two Women (1992) but ironically didn’t have sex in the same scene despite sharing dialogue scenes where it was just the two of them. After that came Sorority Sex Kittens, where it was the same deal except for the sequel. They liked each other enough that they shared three scenes in Decadence. The same consequence happened to Sharon Mitchell. She has discussed her bad history with men and how she hooked up with women off screen for a while.

Vicky would have a happy ending to the lesbian half of her lifestyle when she experienced domestic bliss with her best friend – Christy Canyon (the brunette below). Ironically, they’ve never done a scene together. Don’t be fooled by the below candids (even though there is such a thing as mock candids). They first met in 1990. They slowly went from being strangers to rivals then acquaintances before becoming friends in 1995. Gradually, they went from being best friends in 1996 to best friends with benefits in 1997 (when Decadence was released).

In 1997, Christy retired for good after attending the premiere of Decadence. Any new titles since then have been mere compilations (or what I call romp-comps). By the dawn of the millennium, they lived with each other as a couple. Christy is younger but was surprisingly the first to do porn (it turns out that Vicky was studying nutrition at a university before she did porn). Christy even retired first, although her retirement was short-lived. She returned in 1989 – the same year when Vicky arrived on the scene.

She retired again in 1992 – Vicky’s most prolific year. Intriguingly, the year that she returned again was the same year when she befriended Vicky. They had a lot of things in common. They shared fornicating space with Crystal Wilder, Erica BoyerFlameJeanna FineJill KellyKrista MazeMadison Stone, Melanie MooreNina HartleyRacquel Darrian, Renee Foxx, Sasha TaylorSummer Knight, Tianna Collins and Tianna Taylor.

They have also shared sexual screen time with Billy Dee, Blake Palmer, Jamie GillisJerry ButlerJoey SilveraJohnny AceJon DoughMark DavisMike HornerNick EastPeter NorthRandy West, Rick Savage, Scott IrishSteve DrakeTom Byron and Wayne Summers. The fact that they have shagged the same men more than women accounts for why they ended up being with men. More nostalgia with one gender will always account for a sexual preference.

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Keeping score, Christy had more sex scenes with Erica Boyer (6 > 3), Jill Kelly (2 > 1), Krista Maze (4 > 1), Racquel Darrian (4 > 1), Sasha Taylor (4 > 2), Summer Knight (3 > 1), Billy Dee (3 > 1), Blake Palmer (9 > 3), Mark Davis (3 > 1), Peter North (20 > 12) and Wayne Summers (3 > 1 ). That’s 11 of the 32 screen partners.

Vicky had more sex scenes with Jeanna Fine (2 > 1), Melanie Moore (2 > 1), Nina Hartley (3 > 1), Tianna Collins (6 > 1), Jamie Gillis (2 > 1), Joey Silvera (8 > 5), Randy West (14 > 4), Jon Dough (15 > 5), Mike Horner (7 > 5), Scott Irish (3 > 1) and Steve Drake (7 > 5). That’s also 11 of the 32 partnerships.

Vicky had engaged in cinematic kinkiness with 103 actresses and 46 actors. Christy had engaged in sordid screen time with 73 actresses and 58 actors. Ironically, Christy has been in more pornos. Despite the implication of some publicity photos, Christy never did a scene with Ashlyn. If they did a scene, that might have ruined the relationship between Vicky and Christy (i.e. Ashlyn telling one of the two about the other’s shortcomings).

Currently, Vicky and Christy are married to men. Both ladies are not even on each other’s Facebook friend lists (i.e. in reference to their personal profiles instead of the profiles made by or for fans). This in spite of Christy referring to Vicky as “the world’s best friend and soul sister” in her autobiography (Lights, Camera, Sex!). Longevity means nothing. It’s still a whole lot less sadder than Jeanna Fine and Savannah no longer being an item due to the latter’s suicide. There are porn chicks from the 1980s who were friends but found it awkward to work together. The best example being Jamie Summers (the first Vivid Girl) and her rousing roommate, Careena Collins.

In fact, Careena got Jamie into the biz by introducing her to people. Anyway, there’s a g/g scene in a bathtub together, where they giggled all the way through the scene. It was the only g/g scene that they ever did together (not counting the photo shoots which were used to advertise the scene). Their real-life friendship was too strong, and seemed to prevent them from really getting into it.

They did numerous very good g/g scenes throughout their individual careers, but their sisterhood was too strong. The reality didn’t live up to the “in theory” nature of the fantasy. With that said, their sexual shyness seems lightweight when you consider the incest of the Stevens sisters or the twincest of the Potter twins. To my knowledge, there has never been porn involving Siamese twins.

Awkwardness applied to Vicky and Tori Welles (who is now known as Brittania Paris), except it was similar to cousins. Coincidentally, both tied as winners for Best New Starlet at the 1990 AVN Awards. Even more coincidental is that Tori and Christy have the same birthday. Tori and Vicky were already well acquainted with each other by the time that 1989 came to an end. Tori’s real surname is Paris, hence Vicky first began as her protégé. They are not Facebook friends.

Ironically, Katie Gold and Shay Sweet worked with each other more than with anybody else because they attended the same high school before co-owning a bar. Tracey Adams had been in several long-term relationships with women, one of whom was Amber Lynn but they broke up reportedly over Amber’s drug addiction. Elsewhere, Jewel DeNyle went on record as saying: “Serenity and I always had relations, even with our men in our life.”


Tina Tyler said: “Asking if there’s drug use on porn sets is like asking if there is drug use anywhere. I’d say no more than any other segments of the entertainment industry. The most widely used drug is pot, which (IMHO) is much less dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes.”

Holly Ryder says: “Yes, Drugs are VERY much a part of porn, and although the point can be made that drugs are found in many other industries, I do not know of one with as much innate drug pressure in our industry. Even the music industry (well known for its drug habit) does not compare with the porn industry. I am not saying that everyone in porn does drugs; I’m just saying that there is a powerful presence and a constant pressure to do drugs while in the industry. I can expect a LOT of rebuttal to that statement, but I’ve heard it all before.”

In her prime, Christy Canyon spent as much money on cocaine as she did on clothes. She once dated a coke addict in the form of Robin Williams. When I learned that coke was the anti-Viagra for him, I wondered how coke-headed male performers could be erectile. The first time that Christy took coke was on prom night with her best friend in the ladies room. This was six months before she joined the porn industry. Coincidentally, she went six months without sex prior to her 1989 comeback movie (Hot in the City).

What had lead to her reimmersion in the cocaine lifestyle was when she saw Heather Wayne sniffing some in the laundry room of a drug dealer’s house that they were filming in. This was during the making of Sex Goddess in November of 1984. The movie featured Traci Lords. When talking about 1986, Christy told Spectator magazine: “I spent 17 days in federal prison, 30 days in drug rehab, and three months in a halfway house all directly related to the Traci Lords case.”

Ironically, Christy had already quit taking coke way before then. On one particular day in February of 1985, she had narrowly escaped being raped by a drug dealer who tried to lock her in his apartment. She only escaped by pretending that she needed to use the bathroom. This only worked because she had pretended to be aroused by him. Before she kicked the habit, she would hide her addiction in more respectable surroundings by attributing her post-blow sniffs to allergies.

Wanker Wang used to put up videos of porn lasses inhaling gasses from bongs on Luke Ford’s site. Felix ViciousTera Patrick, Melissa Milano (formerly known as Daisy Dukes) and Giovanni were just a few of the ladies involved in his shooting. Right before they fisted each other, Alisha Klass and Chloe Nichole shared a bong in Tampa Tushy Fest, Part 1. Also, check out Good Girls Do as Susan Hart, Heather Manfield, Peter North and Greg Rome share a joint. Susan also smoked a joint in Big Thrill. She was playing a stoner chick who has to pay for grass with her back-end. Seymore Butts did one called Bongs and Thongs before an Amsterdam flick with Alisha Klass called Seymore Butts Does Europe 2. It would’ve been cool if there was opium-smoking in Oriental Hawaii, but there’s only joint-passing.

Kimi Lixx offers her token take on toking: “I don’t know about pot-heads, but I don’t think I’ve ever been on a set where no-one was smoking pot. I was pretty naive about it, at first. Taking a break to light up is sometimes called a safety check, but I didn’t know that. On one particular shoot, I’m sitting around ALL BY MYSELF while almost everyone (director, performers and crew) were doing a safety check. I asked the craft services guy if I should be checking something. He gave me the oddest look, and then burst out laughing. He asked me if I had no idea what they’re doing. I said nope then he told me, and a whole lot of other things made a great deal more sense to me.”

A buff porn buff named Joe had this to say: Careena Collins is a prime example. I saw Careena during her comeback in `94. That girl was getting reamed out left and right by every male porn star under the sun. On one Rosebud vid that Careena did, she couldn’t even hold her eyes out or say an intelligible sentence. That girl was so wired out, she could have done anything. The late Kristi Lynn was another example. Her eyes were shut more than they were open. A lot of girls use it to black out of a scene. One of those situations where they say a few hours later “How did the shoot go?” They also use the drugs to get psyched up for doing things they know that they could never do at home.”

In some movies, the women are obviously on drugs. In one episode of White Trash Whore, the gangbanged go-getter is obviously on heroin, as she “nods out” (as opposed to the energy that comes from cocaine). On the other side of the hardcore drug equator, it will be obvious that the woman is on either meth or coke. Sometimes, a scene will cut, then return with the performers in a totally different frame of mind, like they stopped to smoke the crack or meth. In Pleasures of Innocence, Angel and Robin Everett do a line of coke prior to (in exchange for?) getting screwed by R. Bolla. In Classical Romance, Desiree Lane gets a “toot” of the same white powder prior to being screwed by Don Hedges.

There are numerous seventies movies which have pot use as a concurrent theme with the sex, especially the flower crowd, but historical records don’t contain info on cannabis and cunnilingus being combined. Billy Dee blows Trinity Loren a nose hit from a joint in Mystic Pieces before she is fellating him. Max Hardcore blazed a joint with Inari Vachs in Maxed Out 7. Asswoman in Wonderland contains a scene with Tiffany Mynx and Cherry Mirage sharing a joint before blowing the smoke to the other’s mouth.

Next up seems like only a few examples, but I get the feeling that there is a lot of coke and possibly speed on porn sets. Dirty Tricks (the one with Ariel Daye getting analed by Jake Steed) has Candy Apples so wired that her jaw looks like Howdy Doody with a broken hinge, grinding back and forth. There is a rather obscure movie called All Over Me, where Skeeter is suffering from the same unhinged jaw thing that Ms. Apples suffered. Approximately 52 minutes into Super Quick, Gauge performs fellatio while the camera operator moves in for a closeup. She’s holding his penis with her right hand, much to her detriment because there are three distinct marks which look like needle tracks.

Word has it that there is a golden age flick with Samantha Fox doing coke before getting banged by a couple of guys. In another golden age flick, The Doogan’s WomanSusan McBain holds a vial up to a guy’s nose for him to take a sniff just before climaxing (“just a little something to speed you up”). In Face Dance 2, there is toking, shotgunning, pipes and even coke use. The folks partaking in it are Francesca LeNick East and Woody LongSteve Drake watches with an unapproving glare. As a testament to the bad acting in porn, the very first Miami Spice flick had Blondie Bee and Tony Montana pretend to do coke while in a pool.


Tina Tyler remarks: “I remember Lee Aaron! As a matter of fact, I was trying to recall her name just the other day. Yes, she should have done porn; maybe then Americans would know her name too.

Colton Ford attempted to be a pop star before doing porn. He failed but got to achieve his dream after retiring from porn in 2001. His first attempt was in the late eighties. He was signed to John St. James, who produced Stacey Q. In 1997, Stacey performed at the Gay Erotic Video Awards show in December, and toured with Geoffrey Gann. In 1998, she made a non-sexual appearance as a Chinese food delivery girl in a gay porn titled Playing The Odds. She did an X-rated version of a video (full-frontal nudity in a lesbian context) for an SSQ single called Screaming in my Pillow.

As for actual porn stars, quite a number of them contributed to an album titled Porn to RockNina Whett had an industrial metal band called Mantis 13. Dyanna Lauren had a band called Thousand Year Itch, but they were not exactly rivalling Seven Year Bitch in terms of fame. Juli Ashton was in a Counting Crows video. David LaChappelle, a hot video director, found that his provocative Enrique Iglesias video for Sad Eyes (featuring (featuring Cassidey) was way too hot for the artist’s record company, and it never saw the light of day until the next century (this decade to be exact). The video didn’t show body parts or sex acts, but the idea was too strong in that he was alone in his room while masturbating to a video.

Two porn stars (Gail Force and Janine Lindemulder) guested in the Mötley Crüe music video for Girls, Girls, Girls. The `80s was the commercial pinnacle for both metal and porn. Other videos featuring porn stars include No Tengo Dinero (a Los Umbrellos video which featured Felecia as well as Ron Jeremy), Cause I Can Do It Right (a Big Daddy Kane presentation that was showcasing Heather Hunter) and Glamour Boys (a Living Colour video which showcased Selena Steele). Most controversially, Traci Lords guested in Helix’s video for Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’.

Fig Dish paid a bunch of porn stars (most memorably being Chasey Lain, Jenteal and Lindemulder) to be in their When Shirts Get Tight video, but MTV would never show either the clean or dirty versions. In the August 1999 issue of Rolling Stone, Jenteal discussed appearing in videos for Figdish and Everclear. Olivia O’Lovely and Lisa Sparxxx guested in a Murs video for a song titled Risky Business. Heather Hunter was in Tupac’s How Do You Want It video with Angel KellyVanessa Del Rio was in the video for Get Money by Junior M.A.F.I.A. but this wasn’t as impressive as Traci Lords being both the guest vocalist and actress in the video for Little Baby Nothing by Manic Street PreachersJesse Jane was in the Step Up video for Drowning Pool. (she was also on the cover of their Desensitized album).

Tammy Reynolds was in a Winger music video called Can’t Get Enough. Goldfinger had a German porn star, Gina Wild, in their video for Counting the Days. Saving the best till last is Ginger Lynn appearing in the video for Metallica’s cover of Turn the Page, but even that video isn’t as famous as the one for Blink 182’s What’s My Age Again? which featured Lindemulder. Looking at Ginger in the below photo, it’s easy to surmise that Hilarie Burton is either her love child, a secret daughter or a potential candidate to play her in a televisual (if not cinematic) biopic. Returning to the idea of musicians involved in the world of pornography (instead of vice-versa), The Plugz did the music for a mid-80s porno called New Wave HookersWendy O. Williams (of Plasmatics fame) played a non-sexual role in a porno titled Candy Goes To Hollywood.

About Greg Dark (a porno director) directing a Britney Spears video (From the Bottom of my Heart), Nakita Kash said: “I have a guess on how all this happened, I could be very wrong but it makes sense in my head. First of all, I believe that Greg has done a few mainstream things in the past. I happened to notice that Greg also did the first video of Orgy (the band). Well, their drummer’s wife is none other than the infamous Shane from Shane’s World. There is a huge possibility that Shane could have hooked her husband’s band up with Greg to do their vid. Now, how this connects to miss Spears? I believe that Orgy and Britney have the same manager who also managed several others like Backstreet Boys (…I think), Limp Bizkit, and many others.”

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