Surrogate sisterhood

From left to right (in both the cover and the below photo): Ivana Miličević,‏ Lili Simmons and Trieste Kelly Dunn. This was during the years that they had spent working on an action TV series titled Banshee – a Cinemax classic which had sex scenes like other shows aired on HBO. Seeing the cover made me wonder what lesbianic history that the trio had shared.

Analyzing all three of their Twitter accounts resulted in some sapphic relevations as indicated by their use of the scissors emoji (scissoring being another way of saying tribbing or tribadism). When they say they’re sisters, they might as well have said scissor sisters. Let’s start with Trieste, whose unusual name reminds me of tryst. Before I dive into the interpersonal dynamics of the tryst triumvirate, I will show you Trieste’s response to a criticism of the Motion Picture Association of America…

29 Nov 2013: @indiewire No fear evanrachelwood Come 2 #Banshee where cunnilingus & the female orgasm are not only celebrated, but strongly encouraged!


1 Feb 2013: @ivanamilicevic Sooooooo HOT! “so am I – shut the f***k up” perfection.

Ivana/2 Feb 2013: I LOVE U TREE.

15 Mar 2013: @ivanamilicevic you are SO HOT with scabs and bruises on your face.

5 Jul 2013: @ivanamilicevic Marry me.

Ivana (same day): Yes. I will marry you!

16 Apr 2014: My beautiful darling woman @ivanamilicevic Happiest happiest birthday!! I love you!

7 Nov 2017: 🔥THE MISOGYNISTS🔥 trailer is here! @ivanamilicevic & I play angry prostitutes on election night 2016 😂via @youtube

Next up is Lily.

27 Mar 2013: Picking out furniture with @TriesteKDunn for our condo. Roomies!!

26 Apr 2013: Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl I know inside and out – my true sister @ivanamilicevic

1 May 2013 (3:27 PM): Heading over to @ivanamilicevic place for some fun times!!!

Ivana (same day – 3:47 PM): @Liliflower33 you’re here. I am looking at you right now…

20 Aug 2013: @TriesteKDunn and I packing up our apartment! 😦 We’ll be back, fingers crossed for a season 3 #banshee

16 Mar 2017: @emmaklahana you wanna make my bed?
@ivanamilicevic your thoughts? Would you like to make my bed as well?

Ivana/same day: I am cracking the F up! @Liliflower33 , I have made your bed once or twice! And look how I’ve grown. @emmaklahana is coming to my crib first!

Finally, we have Ivana’s tweets…

1 Oct 2012: My sisters!! @Liliflower33 @triestedunn

1 Mar 2013: Cuddles with das #bansheegirls @TriesteKDunn @Liliflower33

Lili/same day: @ivanamilicevic @triestekdunn The three sisters. I love you guys. Can’t wait to start filming 2nd season!!! #banshee

3 Jul 2013: @Liliflower33 and me!!!!

6 Nov 2013: @TriesteKDunn I love you so so much.

Trieste/same day: @ivanamilicevic I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!


23 Nov 2013: Slumber party! @Liliflower33 @TriesteKDunn This is how we do it! #Banshee it!


Trieste/same day: @ivanamilicevic awwwwwww Ivana!! I love you the most!!!!!!!! Wish we were celebrating together. Soon!!!!!!!!!


25 Feb 2014: @TriesteKDunn loves her flannel. 😘

Trieste/same day: It’s so true! I do love a flannel. But I love you more!

12 Jan 2015: “@accesshollywood: No way! #Banshee’s @ivanamilicevic” LOVE this photo of us!

13 Feb 2015: Here’s a #Banshee hangout. Look at these angels. @TriesteKDunn #Banshee

28 Mar 2015: @Liliflower33 Ugh! I love you so much without make up pretty bird.


Lili/same day: @ivanamilicevic I love you all the time!!!


14 Jan 2016: Happy birthday @TriesteKDunn I love you so so so so much!!!!!


1 Mar 2016: #bansheegirls’ little piggies. Just some sweet stuff before we wreck you tonight. @TriesteKDunn @Liliflower33

20 May 2016: Hi @TriesteKDunn I love you!!!! #foreverfanshee

Trieste/same day: I love you! So much #ForeverFanshee #foreverivana

Editor’s note: It’s strange to think that these actresses were ignored for a Charlie’s Angels film reboot which will star Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. The 2011 TV reboot was a misfire!

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