Jane Levy’s book club

She is an actress. With 9/11 on the horizon, I’m sure that many New Yorkers would like to read what she is reading in the below image.

Now, time for some tweets from the woman of the hour.

27 Dec 2017: I just finished Alice Waters’ memoir & I think about it constantly. Was so inspiring & sensual.

Replying to a black female author (Ashley C. Ford) on 13 Aug 2017 about what she had read: Read and loved Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler / recently purchased and can’t wait to read White Teeth.

29 Oct 2016: Thanking the stars that Lily Collins wrote a memoir.

26 Oct 2016: I just pre ordered @thelaurengraham ‘s book “TALKING AS FAST AS I CAN” on Amazon – can’t wait to suck up all dat wisdom like a leech.

29 Sep 2016: This poem I learned of from Terry McDonell’s book “The Accidental Life” written by Francesca Bell is 🙏🏼

13 Mar 2016: My uncle wrote an insightful book. It ruminates on how to maintain *awareness* in our digital lives. Get it!


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