Loving Lovato

It’s been five days since Demi Lovato left rehab, but I can imagine skeptics (fans and foes alike) saying that she will more likely fall off the wagon again. She had already fallen off it after going to rehab at the age of 18. Still, alive or dead, I will always like Demi – not because of her music, but because she is a fan of Dimmu Borgir, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Bring Me the Horizon, Mötley Crüe, Metallica and Lamb of God. It’s sad that she has yet to release her inner metalhead from a recording perspective. It will be cathartic for her. When she overdosed this year (not her first overdose), she might have risked the possibility of her death causing a tribute album titled Loving Lovato. Here are her sweet tweets where she proves to have a loving nature…

Mar 18 2009: @nicksantino hahaha… Well, it’s okay. I’m on your side anyway.. hehe…… I love you Jac? 🙂

Apr 4 2009: @mileycyrus Shooooooot girl….. that guy be trippin’ fo realz. hahaha i love you so much.

Apr 9 2009: @selenagomez Oh my god. I can’t WAIT till your music comes out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT 😀

Apr 16 2009: @m_callahan NO!!! WHAT COUNTRY ARE WE MEETING IN!?! 😀 I’M SO EXCITED!! I love you so much. Tour is going to be so much fun. I love you!

Anyone wanna bring throat stuff to the show tonight? I’ll love you forever…

 I’m wearing the weirdest outfit right now, and fashion police would eat me alive but I LOVE IT!!!! 😀

May 19 2009: Backstage at the stadium… stretching and getting pumped for the show. I’ve missed touring with JB. I love them so much. 😀


May 31 2009: Now I’m watching Nights in Rodanthe.. I love Diane Lane and Richard Gere together. 😀


June 23 2009: @jacvanek Um hi, I see SO many jac bracelets at my concerts. I love it. 😀 I miss you so much…. almost unbearable not gonna lie.

June 27 2009: @therealTiffany Thanks tiff 🙂 I love you so much. COME VISIT ME!!!

Jul 3 2009: @Jessicaveronica Where are you?!?!? I love you too 😀 and @Lisa_Veronica …. I miss you girls so much! Can’t we tour together again?!?!?

Jul 4 2009: @Miss_Jennyy So I JUST NOW opened up my email and watched your video you made with Jared for me! So sweet… I love you guys 😀

Jul 8 2009: I over think/over worry/over love. but I think I’ve comes to terms with it.

Jul 18 2009: Just did Conan with SETH GREEN!!!! I totally flipped and told him I love family guy and robot chicken!!!! Woo!!! 😀

Nov 3 2009: @MariahBuzolin YOU LOVE GREY’S ANATOMY TOO?!!?!

Yayyyy I love my friends!! Gettin’ ready with @chloebridges !

Jan 14 2010: @BgirlShorty I love you mo’ fa sho…. duh guuurrrlll.

Feb 12 2010: To whoever left me those valentines on my front porch, I love you! Best v-day gift ever received! 😀

Jul 5 2010: @Greer_Grammer hahahhaha I love you… You would tweet barbie.

Jul 11 2010: Btw, thank you so much @therealTiffany for such an amazing dinner last night.. Sooo much fun 🙂 I love you so much!

Jul 19 2010: @xobeckyyy I LOVE Drake… If I could do a collab one day with him, I definitely would.

Jul 19 2010: @_xTeamLovato YES!! I love Xmen.. I’d want to play in an action sci-fi movie one day.

Aug 19 2010: @claire_oring is here with me at this NYC press junket keeping my energy up!!! LOVE this girl 😀

Apr 6 2011: @EvaLongoria @maddielovesyou1 love you both very much! 🙂

May 3 2011: Loving my nail polish – Tropical Punch by OPI. Anyone who gets this for me will be my best friend. Hahaha.

May 16 2011: Just watched Easy A for the first time and loved it.. Bravo! Emma Stone is so talented.. Excited to see more from her.

May 27 2011: Amen.. Odd Girl Out was almost exactly what I went through in middle school before I left to homeschool from bullying.. Love you @alexavega

Jun 12 2011: @KimKardashian saved my butt for this next week. Love and miss you but most of all – so thankful for you! 😀

Jun 25 2011: Umm I love @JulieRitchie and @taylorarmstrong … That phone call was brilliant. Hahahaha

In love with @KREAYSHAWN #gucciguccilouislouisfendifendiPRADAAA

Jul 9 2011: Wrote with @kara_dioguardi .. Love her. Always fun working with her.

Jul 11 2011: @jenny_orlando love you!! Thank you!!

Jul 22 2011: Ladies, gentlemen, and also BLOG SITES – I. AM. SINGLE. I’m not dating anyone. I’m loving my independence right now.

Jul 24 2011: @KimKardashian I love you. And I won’t forget.. You totally are my big sister…. Hahaha

Jul 28 2011: Sitting here writing with @lyricaanderson !!! Such a beautiful girl with an honest, pure voice!! LOVE HER!! xo FOLLOW HER!

Aug 6 2011: Wow there are some haters out there.. Where is the love y’all? #worldpeace?!

Aug 12 2011: Wow… so close to 4 million followers… I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

@Ivey_Ensley Ahhhahaha love you!! Need more of you in my life!

Aug 26 2011: @JoJoWright LUV U TOO 🙂

Aug 28 2011: @alexaherrera Loving you back! Recognize you from @xmicabelax’s video! Thank you!!

Aug 29 2011: Loving the September issue of @Ellemagazine ! The photo shoot we did together was so much fun!! 😀

Aug 30 2011: Loving the trending topics, y’all are funny. 🙂

Aug 31 2011: Had such a fun dinner tonight with @ashleytisdale .. Such a genuine, sweet, funny girl. Love you ash. Thanks for my late bday din! Xo

Sep 17 2011: @EvaLongoria aww eva thank you!! Love you SO much.. Hope to see you again soon!!

Sep 19 2011: @ashleytisdale aww ash!!! I love you!! Miss you tons let’s do something soon. You are the sweetest 🙂

Oct 5 2011: @TheHannaBeth @emlovesla @BellaBoombox shhhh!!!! Why are you girls so LOUD!!! 😉 hehe love yew!!!

Oct 6 2011: Umm….Food coma. I love Thai food! Such an awesome day. Loving life. 🙂

Nov 12 2011: @MileyCyrus god I love you. SO DO YOU!!! And whoever called you that has it coming. Miss you more than ever.

Nov 17 2011: Has anyone heard @NikkiReed_I_Am‘s new song with Paul McDonald “Now That I’ve Found You”?!! SO good!!! Proud of you Nikki!!! Love you!

Dec 21 2011: I love my two best girl friends @TheHannaBeth and @LaurenPietra. Had an amazing dinner + gift exchange with yall! Kiss mark

Dec 29 2011: Loving the new Robin Thicke album “Love After War”….so many good songs. Too many to list my favorites.

Mar 7 2012: @tylershields @francesca_e aw love you guys! Thank you!!

Oct 5 2012: I love writing songs… It’s like putting together the pieces to a therapeutic puzzle.

Oct 24 2012: Alright guys, show #Demiyoungadults some love right now! I have the winner right here @CeCeMissXtotheO @JennelGarcia @paigeava @ThatKiddWill

Nov 8 2012: I love rock. I love roll. And I LOOOOVE @JennelGarcia !!!

Nov 14 2012: NO one deserves anything less than being loved.

Dec 2 2012: Love. This. Girl. So much fun today @CeCeMissXtotheO !!! ❤ Winking face with tongue

Dec 21 2012: @KhloeKardashian seeing you every show was the highlight of my week!! I miss you already gorgina.. Xo LOVE YOU

Apr 18 2013: @msleamichele love you so much lady 🙂 can’t wait to see you soon!!

May 19 2013: LOVE @CherLloyd !!!!! Girl you KILLED it tonight.. SOOO excited to be performing this song again with you Winking face with tongue #GIRLPOWER!!!

May 19 2013: Also got to see the gorgeous and super talented @ArianaGrande tonight.. SUCH a sweet girl. FLAWLESS voice. Love you girly!! Smiling face with smiling eyes Growing heart

@JameelaJamil in LOVE with you!!!! Growing heart Growing heart Smiling face with smiling eyes Kiss mark

Jul 17 2013: @LaurenJauregui love you too!!! Growing heart Growing heart Growing heart Smiling face with smiling eyes

Sep 1 2013: Look who I got to see/hangout with tonight!!!! Love you @AllyBrooke

Sep 13 2013: HAHAHA @KELLYROWLAND … You’re killing me on this episode.. So funny.. I love you Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy Face with tears of joy

Sep 18 2013: Obsessed with my girlfriend’s song “sorry” out today!!! Love you @NayaRivera Face throwing a kiss Smiling face with smiling eyes Squinting face with tongue

Dec 14 2013: Friday the 13th + Ancient Aliens + cozy blanket + fire place + organic food = my Friday night…and I am loving it!! Life is amazing.

I miss and love you @paurubio Sparkling heart Sparkling heart Sparkling heart

Jan 28 2014: Love you Tanya!! Smiling face with smiling eyes Growing heart RT @1027KIISFM : This is why I love you Demi Lovato ( @ddlovato ) – @TanyaRad http://bit.ly/1k1OAow #3yearsunbroken

Feb 28 2014: @EvaLongoria I LOVE you SO much Growing heart Growing heart Growing heart Growing heart Growing heart Face throwing a kiss

March 13 2014: My Growing heart is so full of love right now..

March 31 2014: LOVE U SO MUCH RT @AllyBrooke: Thank you for one of the best experiences of my life thus far gonna miss you!! love you

Apr 16 2014: Dear haters, you don’t have to like me cause I love you. Everyone’s equal, everyone has a soul and everyone deserves to be loved Smiling face with smiling eyes Growing heart

Apr 25 2014: Loving @BeaMiller’s new EP, so proud of this girl!!

May 7 2014: I Growing heart you!! Thank you for coming Smiling face with smiling eyes RT @AvrilLavigne : Great show tonight @ddlovato in Buenos Aires !! Microphone

Twinning!!! Sparkling heartTwo hearts RT @AvrilLavigne: Backstage Twinzies with my Girl @ddlovato!

May 31 2014: Btw – LOVING London and my British Lovatics.

Jun 1 2014: Already missing my best friend @m_callahan. No one has ever been a better friend to me.. I love you biff Two hearts People with bunny ears Flag of United Kingdom Growing heart

Nov 19: 2014 I hate it (and kinda love it) when you workout hard and the next day you’re so sore it feels like every muscle in your is bruised Squinting face with tongue Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes Flexed biceps

Aug 23 2014: Quick break in the studio, loving this twitter chat!!! #votedemilovato

Aug 21 2014: @AvrilLavigne Face throwing a kiss Face throwing a kiss Face throwing a kiss thank you!!!!!!

Feb 9 2015: Loving my @nycnewyorkcolor BB Crèmes! Have you tried them yet?? #showcaseNYC

Feb 21 2015: Ginger ale = Thumbs upRaising handsFolded hands thank you  @lisamorrisshow for taking care of me yesterday.. I love you so much Red heart

May 4 2015: I Red heart you China!!! And I love my everyone on this tour!!!

May 7 2015: Ummm…. What am I doing with my face and how cute is @hollyletchworth ?! I love these women so…

May 18 2015: Yaaaaassss @britneyspears and @IGGYAZALEA Face throwing a kiss love you both Sparkling heart Sparkling heart Sparkling heart

Jun 6 2015: @lenadunham I LOVE you and want to give you a big IN PERSON hug!!! Growing heart Growing heart Growing heart Growing heart Thank you for your sweet words Smiling face

June 26 2015: @Sarah_Hyland Face throwing a kiss Face throwing a kiss Face throwing a kiss LOVE YOU

Aug 12 2015: Sometimes life throws some pretty painful curve balls but today my heart is so full of love and I feel so grateful to be so happy again.. Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes Growing heart

Oct 17 2015: @AvrilLavigne love you girl… Thank you for the support!!! Face throwing a kiss Face throwing a kiss Face throwing a kiss

Oct 17 2015: I love you @laleh !!! THANK YOU for helping me write some of the most emotionally difficult songs I’ve ever written. Forever grateful for you

Oct 17 2015: One day I’ll share with the world how much @Sirah has affected my life and inspired me to fight life’s toughest battles… I love you so

Oct 18 2015: @laleh Well, YOU wrote Stone Cold with me so without you last night wouldn’t have been such a moment for me. Thank you.. I LOVE you

Oct 19 2015: Aww love you @levenrambin!!

Oct 19 2015: I wrote this with @laleh and I love her so much #NowPlayingCONFIDENT

I wish @m_callahan could be here today. My best friend growing up who always believed in me and never doubted me.. Love you Red heart

Jan 7 2016: I’m kind of loving how easy this hair color/length is so I’m keeping it for a while!!

Jan 8 2016: Real talk though….. I’m not just saying this because I love her @Jlo but #ShadesOfBlue is the shit.. Totally my kind of show

Feb 21 2016: @LaurenJauregui love you girl

Mar 4 2016: @christinaperri I love and miss you!!

Aug 20 2016: @Sirah I love you more than words Growing heart

Jun 1 2017: Hope you guys are loving your #Demi4Fabletics orders! If you haven’t ordered your pieces yet, make sure you do!

Jul 14 2017: @selenagomez Loving your new song Fetish, we’ve come a long way since our Barney days.

Aug 21 2017: @dinahjane97 I love you!!!

Apr 8 2017: I love the fact that @kendricklamar rapped about stretch marks. He’s not being misogynistic, he’s telling us it’s OK to be ourselves #HUMBLE

Nov 14 2017: @Sirah and @EW So proud of you boo.. love you to pieces Two hearts

Dec 10 2017: I f#cking love MMA

Jan 26 2018: Ellen!!! Happy Birthday 🎉 🎁 Love you so much and I hope you have an amazing day ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ @TheEllenShow

Jan 30 2018: I 💗 you @IGGYAZALEA.. thanks for always having my back 👯‍♀️ f#cking love you

Apr 7 2018: Cardi B’s new album is f#cking 🔥🔥🔥 She makes you wanna root for her.. love her.

May 1 2018: @kellyclarkson I LOVE YOU TOO Squinting face with tongue

May 16 2018: GUYS…. IT’S OUT!!!!!!!!!!! So grateful, HONORED and blessed!!!!! Thank you again @xtina for having me on your new single!!!!! Love you!!!

May 24 2018: @LaurenJauregui Love you tons girl.. so happy you understood the message Growing heart Growing heart Growing heart

May 29 2018: I’m loving Fall In Line. I just wish Christina was with me to perform it every night!

8 Jun 2018 I loved working on my room, Power Parlor, for #29Rooms and can’t wait to share it with all of my Chicago friends. @Refinery29

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