Loving Lovato

It’s been five days since Demi Lovato left rehab, but I can imagine skeptics (fans and foes alike) saying that she will more likely fall off the wagon again. She had already fallen off it after going to rehab at the age of 18. Still, alive or dead, I will always like Demi – not because of her music, but because she is a fan of Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Mötley Crüe and Kiss. Yes, even Van Halen and Kiss have proven that they can be metal if they want to be (don’t let their `80s oeuvres fool you). It’s sad that she has yet to release her inner metalhead. It will be cathartic for her. When she overdosed this year (not her first overdose), she might have risked the possibility of her death causing a tribute album titled Loving Lovato. Here are her tweets where she proves to have a loving nature…

May 3 2011: Loving my nail polish – Tropical Punch by OPI. Anyone who gets this for me will be my best friend. Hahaha.

Jul 22 2011: Ladies, gentlemen, and also BLOG SITES – I. AM. SINGLE. I’m not dating anyone. I’m loving my independence right now.

Aug 28 2011: @alexaherrera Loving you back! Recognize you from @xmicabelax’s video! Thank you!!

Aug 29 2011: Loving the September issue of @Ellemagazine ! The photo shoot we did together was so much fun!! 😀

Aug 30 2011: Loving the trending topics, y’all are funny. 🙂

Oct 6 2011: Umm….Food coma. I love Thai food! Such an awesome day. Loving life. 🙂

Dec 29 2011: Loving the new Robin Thicke album “Love After War”….so many good songs. Too many to list my favorites.

Dec 14 2013: Friday the 13th + Ancient Aliens + cozy blanket + fire place + organic food = my Friday night…and I am loving it!! Life is amazing.

Apr 25 2014: Loving @BeaMiller’s new EP, so proud of this girl!! smarturl.it/bmep1

May 31 2014: Btw – LOVING London and my British Lovatics.

Aug 7 2014: Ah #REALLYDONTCARE is #4 /Greatest Gainer on the @Billboard Club Chart!!! Loving this @jumpsmokersremix!!

Aug 23 2014: Quick break in the studio, loving this twitter chat!!! #votedemilovato

Feb 9 2015: Loving my @nycnewyorkcolor BB Crèmes! Have you tried them yet?? #showcaseNYC

Jan 7 2016: I’m kind of loving how easy this hair color/length is so I’m keeping it for a while!!

Jun 1 2017: Hope you guys are loving your #Demi4Fabletics orders! If you haven’t ordered your pieces yet, make sure you do!

Jul 14 2017: @selenagomez Loving your new song Fetish, we’ve come a long way since our Barney days.

Jan 13 2018: Loving my strappy saoirse bra! What’s your fave #Demi4Fabletics piece so far?? @fabletics @fableticseu

May 29 2018: I’m loving Fall In Line. I just wish Christina was with me to perform it every night!

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