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Legendary film-maker Wong Jing isn’t on Twitter or Facebook but you can find him on Weibo, which he joined on June 2, 2011 – just in time to plug his book (少年王晶闖江湖). I’ve weeded out his least interesting posts to bring you the gleaming jewels of his cyber crown (although something may have been lost in Google’s translation), but first…here is his profile’s headline: “Handsome, smart, good dad, geek, patriot, want to enjoy every moment of life.”

2012-12-29|22:08 come from Weibo mobile version
Of course, look for your own happiness bravely!

2012-12-10|17:03 come from iPhone client
Every day in the 90s, some people pretended to be me!

2012-12-6|03:19 come from iPhone client
I was an uncredited producer and screenwriter of The Blood Rules.

2012-12-4|08:45 come from iPhone client
Infinity pool on the top floor of Sands Hotel, Xinjiapo, before the Shanghai Press Conference, show off your hot body!

2012-12-2|22:32 come from iPhone client
1942, good film! Without commenting, I like it. But I can see that the crew must be very tired, tired and exhausted. It’s too hard. Respect everyone’s contribution.

2013-12-30|22:28 from iPhone client
Just came out from the tenth anniversary concert of Anita Mui. Eight words: Wonderful, no limit of boo. She’s the legend!

2013-12-22|00:54 from iPhone 5s
Action Kung Fu movies are the backbone of Chinese movies.

2013-12-5|18:20 from micro-interviews
I just finished filming a film by Zhou Runfa and Nicholas Tse, and I won’t make any new film in May or June. I might have done some TV series before.

Editor’s note: Zhou Runfa is a Mandarin translation of Chow Yun-Fat. Google Translate never translates any Chinese characters into Cantonese pinyin (i.e. English spelling of pronunciation). When I was translating Jing’s autobiography, I had to search for a site that can translate Mandarin into Cantonese. The alternate method was to google the Chinese characters until I came across a fact file on a site like Baidu if not Wikipedia.

2013-12-5|18:06 from micro-interviews
There is never a satisfactory work, the next one is always the best.

2013-11-12|10:24 come from iPhone client
I was born in Hong Kong. Every time I go back to Hong Kong for decades, I feel particularly good. I feel that no place in the world is better than Hong Kong. But in the past two years, this feeling has disappeared, and sometimes I want to go out and “rest” for two days. Why? There is too much contention, too much noise, and everything is politicized. I don’t know this land anymore.

2013-10-27|12:54 come from iPhone client
I have been a host in TVB for many years, and I have also played many movie protagonists, but in a few days, I will be a satellite TV program judge! I was a little bit embarrassed!

2013-10-20|09:50 come from iPhone client
There is an oversupply of TV dramas in the Chinese-speaking area, and demand is already saturated. A large number of dramas may only have local outlets, and the stations that use set-top boxes are better than the existing atmospheric radio stations. It’s terrible to have a license to go out every day and be forced to stop filming and keep your income and expenses unbalanced.

2013-10-20|09:35 come from iPhone client
In recent days, Hong Kong has been fooled because a company has not obtained a free TV license. Except for the company’s bosses and employees, the troubled people have almost never done TV. I entered the TV station when I was 19. I had a chance to be a production manager, but I gave up. Because it’s hard to be a TV station. It’s not difficult to make a good play, just a few dozen episodes, eight or nine months. But the TV station is never ending story, and the best people will be drained. (continued)

2013-10-9|15:14 come from iPhone client
I don’t think Wolverine 2 looks better than Special ID.

2013-10-9|11:29 come from iPhone client
Some people wonder why I can use some very well-worded words to pay homage to some scumbags. This is my principle of life. I’m more gentleman than gentleman. He has no culture or shame to b!tch anyway, he doesn’t understand without dirty words! He can also remind his parents what kind of beast they gave birth to!

2013-10-9|07:46 come from iPhone client
“Gravity” is undoubtedly technically outstanding. Sandra Bullock also has god-level performance. A few climbing shows outside the space station are also thrilling, but because most of the time, only the female lead performs alone. Not enough. But 3D technology is the biggest thing, it makes people feel like “this is true 3D.” See you Oscar!

2013-10-8|09:46 come from iPhone client
Those of you who have d!cks in their mouths, but also d!cks in their eyes, will deal with d!cks all their lives.

2013-10-7|18:11 come from iPhone client
My master only guides people to goodness, never fortune-telling; you are not only short-sighted, you are blind!

2013-9-19|03:08 come from iPhone client
It’s not just Zhang Jiahui! I am very optimistic about Wu Yunlong, and he has the same Bruce Lee figure. In November, “Shanghai Beach Ma Yongzhen” (Fangquan Longwei) met with you. I can’t help but use the fat mantis! Philip!

Editor’s note: Yes, that’s Philip Ng from Birth of the Dragon. Jing had cast him in his remake of The Boxer from Shantung titled Once Upon a Time in Shanghai.

2013-9-17|23:14 come from iPhone client
Watching his dad give up only two hours of sleep a day because of his birth, watching him be the son of Zhou Yi, the cover of the Spring Festival every year, watching his uncomfortable signing ceremony at the age of sixteen, watching him by comparison Hush turned into a mystery, watching him get married and divorced, standing next to the explosive Nic today. I’m proud to be this bystander!

Editor’s note: The father of Nicolas Tse, Patrick, was directed by Jing for Challenge of the Gamesters. The movie was made in late 1980 and early 1981. Nicolas was born in the autumn of 1980 (August).

2013-9-16|12:15 come from iPhone client
Today I was so busy with convulsions that I didn’t have time to get lost!

2013-9-4|10:41 come from iPhone client
If I were to make a film version of The Condor Heroes, my best hope would be Liang Luoshi and Ruan Jingtian. Just think about it.

2013-8-30|20:21 come from iPhone client
Yesterday, I watched my film “Mr. and Mrs. Player” with Chapman To. Us two laughed wildly. It was the first time he watched the whole movie. I wanted the film to be rated in the Category IIB level, but there were too many swear words. With a funny joke, I had no choice but to change back to the third level. In fact, this is the first three-level film that I personally directed. It used to be a producer. Peng Haoxiang’s virgin went to the sea to perform the male No. 2 with the potential of a cold smile. It will be released on September 26. Mainland friends are welcome to come to Hong Kong for National Day!

2013-8-27|08:17 come from iPhone client
Letter to Mr. Wang Zheng, an Asian Television Investor: Mr. Wang Zheng, based on the report of the BA, anyway you have to go, I implore you to leave Hong Kong’s entertainment industry and not to come back because our two names are similar in pronunciation. Often, one or two of the ten things will be thought that I did it, and the style and shock of your behavior are absolutely unattainable, so it is best to get me farther! !! !!

2013-8-10|14:14 come from iPhone client
Many people can’t stand film majors.

2013-8-10|13:13 come from iPhone client
Hollywood movies sell money because there is no depth! It’s a lot of money to make the fairy tale credible! The French have a very high level of film watching, and art films also rely on state subsidies.

2013-8-7|17:15 come from iPhone client
How many are originally men?

Editor’s note: Jing was responding to someone’s posted picture of the Miss Thailand beauty pageant.

2013-7-25|00:02 come from iPhone client
I found something very interesting today. Facebook published a lot of inaccurate news about the new drama I will be filming. However, I did not accept its interview, but a person who claimed to be an Oriental journalist asked me a few words, and I felt that it was not right to entertain and just accept a few words. Do you want to come out and visit? It’s too hard.

2013-7-24|00:21 come from iPhone client
This film is loaded with B, I don’t like it.

Editor’s note: Jing had posted the Thai poster for a Ryan Gosling film titled Only God Forgives.

2013-5-9|05:09 come from iPhone client
I have a premonition that the next European football will not look good. Ferguson and Molino are both pleased by the vampire and the rich. I’m really afraid Manchester United will become another Liverpool…..

2013-5-7|23:47 come from iPhone client:
It’s unreasonable. Can such a small breasted chestnut dominate?

Editor’s note: A joke made at the expense of Sandra Ng.

2013-4-19|09:22 From iPhone client
Since December last year, there are only two types of blockbuster movies: comedy or comedy plus love, and large three-D special effects + low intelligence plot. None of the dramas came as expected. Can this year’s megatrend be summarized as: “If you are serious, you lose”? Worried about the large number of police rescue films in the second half of the year.

2013-4-17|11:41 from iPhone client
Some people say that they have not seen the new order on the Internet. I checked it, it turned out to be the super castrated version of Malaysia. No wonder the passion and violence are absent![Haha][Hee hee]!! Wait a minute, the Hong Kong version of the DVD is about to be released. Definitely heavy enough.

2013-4-9|09:25 from iPhone client
Chinese cinema has finally entered the comedy year. In my experience, I estimate that comedy will rule the box office for about three years. Then shuffle again, there will be 1.5 billion box office in these three years. See if I guess right?

2013-4-1|11:05 from iPhone client
I will start a religious movie “Hardcover Jesus Chasing a Girl”!

2013-2-25|13:40 come from iPhone client
Britain is now an American dog!

2013-2-25|12:59 come from iPhone client
This film can only win awards in the United States. It’s super Americanism. I really don’t like it!

Editor’s note: He was referring to Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

2013-2-23|11:21 come from iPhone client
The favorite in the recent new film is Warm Bodies, a bloody zombie man, cleverly conceived, and provides understanding medicine for countless zombie films ~ Love can make zombies back! Better than A Good Day to Die Hard. The first Die Hard is my favorite. The first episode can be used as a screenwriter textbook. Later episodes are wonderfully arranged, but the story in this episode is very bland from the beginning to the end, no like!

2013-2-11|13:28 come from iPhone client
Since the eighties, I developed a habit: New Year’s Day will write the script, good lazy yesterday, wrote two, I continue today.

2013-2-4|20:56 come from iPhone client
At the Bona Beijing Annual Meeting, I met a lot of friends and took photos with Xu Ke who I have known for 35 years. He said very little and photo director, I say: old, a lot of things I have to leave in the memories. @Mitutoyo alley

Editor’s note: Xu Ke is mostly known in Cantonese as Tsui Hark. The Chinese language has many dialects.

2013-1-17|22:17 come from iPhone client
This year’s Oscars are extremely boring. Lincoln, acting monster Daniel Day-Lewis, is like Lincoln’s birth. It is a big cold without him. Only Americans are interested in killing Bin Laden. I just want to watch two films for the next three months. The fifth episode of my beloved Die Hard, and Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons that I did not see for no reason.

2013-1-16|18:03 come from iPhone client
Happy birthday and happy sex life. [cake][cake][cake]

Editor’s note: The birthday message was aimed at Gordon Chan via Ronald Cheng (who Jing was responding to). The image of Gordon was so thin that I decided to attach it to a photo of Jing with his wife.

2013-1-16|11:56 come from iPhone client
It is estimated that the splendor of the Lord of the Rings cannot be copied, and everyone who has seen it says it is boring.

Editor’s note: This was in reference to The Hobbit.

2013-1-13|10:35 come from iPhone client
It was found that those who did not like a generation of masters really did not understand his intentions. Do you think that Wang Jiawei can’t make the whole film into a fierce fight in the rain, does Ziyi Railway Station gossip and Zhang Zhang Jin’s fierce and beautiful? But this is no different from Ye Weixin. You must shoot this film in the style of Wong Kar Wai, and it is the real success! I admire the ability to withstand countless pressures to make a film like this. For the first time since 1988, I am convinced to take it orally.

Editor’s note: Jing was talking about a film titled The Grandmaster. Wang Jiawei being the Mandarin name of Wong Kar-Wai explains why Jing created a caricature named Wong Jing-Wai.

2013-1-11|12:22 come from iPhone client
Who said that Wang Jiawei was not commercial? He just understands business! But his movie is not a lot of people I can learn.

2013-1-6|07:29 come from iPhone client
Congratulations to Brother Wang Jiawei for finally completing this film that I also want to watch. The best director in Cannes used more than four hundred groups in seven years and cost over 300 million! But does the publicity in Hong Kong require a new director, Chen Hengheng, to use one and a half months and more than 20 to make up several million films? It is his honor that Wu Hengneng has the opportunity to play against Wang Jiawei. But the box office is never inevitable, wait and see!

2013-1-2|21:32 come from iPhone client
He tried to slander me. However, the lawyer must first sue the newspapers, the supervisors, the editors, and the reporters before they can tell the reporter. If someone slanders me sick, a doctor must prove that I am sick. If a person has a dog that eats sh!t, that person has to prove that he has eaten sh!t. Dozens of mothers have crossed the path, and they have chosen an accusation that they think they have saved money to fight a lawsuit! Really bad! Pheasant supports a lot of people! Backstage is Hong Xing and TVB! Fanchang!

2013-1-1|08:02 come from iPhone client
Yesterday’s New Year’s Eve, I did not want to mention this sad thing to disappoint everyone. But on this peaceful morning of the new year, I must mourn this boss who treats me well: Mr. Yang Dengkui. In 1993, I shot “New Shaolin Five Ancestors” for him and followed many years of film and television cooperation. He left us because of a stroke, but his passion and contribution to film and television entertainment will always live in our hearts. Mr. Yang, go all the way!

Editor’s note: The 1993 movie that Jing was referring to was released in 1994 as The New Legend of Shaolin. It starred Jet Li.

2014-12-28|13:41 come from iPhone 6 Plus
I found a photo taken with her 38 years ago, which was taken on the campus of CUHK, which was a bit futile.

2014-11-27|07:12 come from iPhone 6 Plus
Last night’s gangster-like riots in Mong Kok deliberately obstructed the traffic and blocked the shops from doing business. I guess it was the further action mentioned by the academic federation. But why do you seem so familiar? Yeah! In the 1980s and 1990s, triads often forced people to pay insurance premiums, while insulting the police officers, posing as heroes, and calling the police to beat people when they were subdued! When is our university more triad than triad? ON you Shame!

2014-11-14|08:52 come from iPhone 6 Plus
Obama said: The United States has not intervened in and supported Occupy Central. The Americans also said that the missile hit the Yugoslav Chinese Embassy by mistake. Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Clinton did not go to Lewinsky. Hahaha, do you know the ancestors of Americans? European hooligans and criminals, they killed all the native Americans, and then kidnapped hundreds of thousands of black people from Africa to become slaves. What else could they not do? 10% of the letter channel is blind!

2014-11-9|20:23 come from iPhone 6 Plus
Those who fled during the Sino-Japanese war, my family walked fast, unlike your family, which flees slowly, and was gang raped by the Japanese to give birth to you!

2014-11-6|22:13 come from iPhone 6 Plus
Star Trek “Interstellar” is good-looking, the plot can be used as a script textbook, the infinite combination of technology and emotion, Oscar seeds! Nolan. Another Masterpiece.

2014-11-3|09:54 from the iPhone 6 Plus
I have been immigrating for a long time. I live in Beijing and have a house and an employee.

2014-11-2|09:28 from the iPhone 6 Plus
Most of the younger generation in Hong Kong suffers from a disease and is afraid of mainland diseases. What are you afraid of? China will become the world’s largest economy within two decades, and Hong Kong’s rising wealth in the past 25 years is almost all based on going north to do business successfully. Hong Kong has zero resources. The day when Britain abandoned the Hong Kong people, it was the country that reinvigorated us. Only by grasping the opportunities and being a Chinese can we have a future. Belief in politics, not a month street, but a lifetime!

2015-12-24|11:27 come from iPhone 6 Plus
In the fifth season of Homeland Security, I watched eleven episodes. After watching five seasons, this season is simply invincible! Must-see when writing.

2015-10-25|12:55 from the iPhone 6 Plus
A long time ago, he said that my comedy is not funny, and horror movies are not scary. I don’t make horror movies at all. It’s not as good as this mixed horror, so I often do it, but I don’t sell it. The only film he directed was called New Tenant, which was one of the top ten at the box office that year. No one would dare to ask him to guide. I dare not say that my comedy is funny, but the upper part just received a billion yuan and just won the best-selling director award for thirty years. Are all the viewers stupid, only this b@stard?

2015-10-23|09:47 from the iPhone 6 Plus
There is a so-called film emperor, who left his adulthood and was scared by a drama, so he came out and played the god of skill, criticizing the newcomers for his good guns. The opponent actress’s clothes were torn, and she was raped and killed with a chopstick. The kind of face that Hong Kong can recognize is the second and the absolute one can dare to recognize the first. I really don’t know how a producer can find him to make a drama and scared. The nurse knows how to count.

Editor’s note: The above two comments were blind items about an actor named Anthony Wong Chau-Sang (who also wrote and directed Top Banana Club).

2015-10-18|19:36 from the iPhone 6 Plus
Congratulations to Andy and Jessica, the good-natured couple, for a happy threesome world!

Editor’s note: Andy On and Jessica Cambensy.

2015-10-1|19:13 come from iPhone 6 Plus
Someone told me that a movie called “Best Ex Boyfriend” was performed by Yan Chengxu, and the director was Wang Jing. But I never participated in this film. Can someone tell me the same name? Still I was directed. If it is the latter, please surrender, otherwise we will see you in court.

2015-9-13|21:00 come from iPhone 6 Plus
I know that the first two paragraphs of Weibo must have caused a prostitution attack. Maybe they have lost money and laid off too much. The level of newcomers who took over is really too low. You say that Lin Feng and Lao Dou have the money to drive and I may agree, but he and Deng Cuiwen make a lot of money and I reserve it. I can say that it is one of the Hong Kong people who knows the mainland market the best. Please tell me what dramas they have made in 15 years! I’m so secretly buzzing, I’m a fat guy!

Editor’s note: This choice of image by Jing has special significance given that he was an uncredited writer and director for Sammo Hung’s Batman-themed movie, Pantyhose Hero (1990). In The New Legend of Shaolin, the boys laugh like The Penguin. However, the Batman character in Legend of the Liquid Sword (1993) is derived from a 1971 period novel titled Legend of the Bat (written by Gu Long).

2015-9-13|10:51 come from iPhone 6 Plus
TVB is the Shaolin Temple of Performing Arts. Zhou Runfa, Liu Dehua, Zhou Xingchi, Liang Zhaowei, Liu Qingyun, and Gu Tianle, which is not TVB? Also, Huang Zongze, Li Yaoxiang, and Chen Hao took over. Lin Feng hadn’t been away for a long time, and it seemed to disappear in the entertainment news. Where was Deng Xiaowen so good? A platform that has been excellent for nearly fifty years will create new blood on its own. Zhou Runfa left without the end of the world, let alone Hu Xinger?

Editor’s note: Zhou Xingchi is better known as Chow Sing-Chi a.k.a. Stephen Chow to Westerners.

2015-8-4|10:58 come from iPhone 6 Plus
In fact, a couple of prostitutes really wrote well. I can confuse right and wrong every day. I wrote the fat ugly woman who bumped her chest with the police officer and wanted to frame the police officer’s indecent assault.

2015-7-11|09:59 come from iPhone 6 Plus
What is a micro movie? It’s a movie with little chance of release.

2015-6-28|08:18come from iPhone 6 Plus
Recently, everyone loves to talk about the “Hong Kong flavor” issue. I dare say that for many years I was one of the creators who worked hard to preserve Hong Kong flavor. However, due to the rise of the film and television industry in the neighbouring regions, Hong Kong-style film and television has lost half of its territory, leaving only Malaysia. It is extremely luxurious to preserve the pure Hong Kong-style taste. I also sympathize with Hong Kong Vision, but this way, no matter whether there are any cards, they are destined to make money. Under the environment of large economy, pure Hong Kong taste will be the same as Niu Shi stalls, and it will become a niche taste.

2015-6-15|07:17come from iPhone 6 Plus
The success of Jurassic World is because it is in line with all the expectations of the general audience, and it has given up on critics and film lovers. Reduce bloody horror and darkening, easy to understand, and finally rely on the heroine’s cleverness to release the D-Rex battle of the tyrannosaurus.

2015-6-5|22:07come from iPhone 6 Plus
I often see the word deer as a horse in Pingguo. In fact, the deer is a horse.

2015-4-8|05:41come from iPhone 6 Plus
Winning the battle wolf wins: “Those who sin against me, even if they are far away, will be stunned!” Nine words.

2016-8-23|22:08 come from iPhone 6s Plus
My wife is retired and will be a grandma full time at home!

2016-8-21|11:28 from the iPhone 6s Plus
The Chinese women’s volleyball team used their sweat and perseverance to fight back to win the Olympic gold medals step by step, earning their face for the Chinese people who were deliberately discredited everywhere! I appreciate their hard defense in adversity. Sledgehammer is certainly good-looking, but low-key defense is more important. This also represents the steadfast spirit of our Chinese! “He is strong by him, the breeze blows the hills, he crosses over him, and the moon shines on the river”! The final victory is still our Chinese!

2016-5-24|03:55 from the iPhone 6 Plus
Superhero movies are getting worse. US Team 3 has one worthwhile scene. X-Men: Apocalypse makes people want to sleep for a while.

Editor’s note: US Team 3 refers to Captain America: Civil War.

2016-4-29|06:43 from the iPhone 6 Plus
Team 3 is a strange movie. The mask is extremely exciting, but the story is super anti-intellectual! Twelve superheroes were tricked into cannibalism by an avenger with no superpowers and no background and no party feathers. Captain America would rather, in principle, prefer to hurt other superheroes and defend the Winter Soldiers who are “friends.” It is extremely confusing. There is no doubt that this film will be sold, but I am very frustrated after watching it, very very dissatisfied…

2016-3-10|09:06 from the iPhone 6 Plus
Many misled Hong Kong people think that Beijing is smog all year round. I am here for four or five months a year, about 40% of the time. I came here for the first time many years ago. The political atmosphere is indeed strong, but today it has become a colorful middle-class metropolis. Someone said ignorantly a while back: Seeing Wang Jing, his children live in Beijing forever! To be honest, if I can, I really want to live in Beijing like this forever.

2016-6-28|07:28 from the iPhone 6 Plus
I bought a pair of Italy over Iceland and Ericsson for 36 times! My happiness is built on the pain of many people!

2016-2-29|12:59 from the iPhone 6 Plus
Li took the Oscar, but I still think that acting is definitely better than the little freckles of the Danish girl.

Editor’s note: He means Leonardo DiCaprio besting Eddie Redmayne.

2016-2-16|06:20 from the iPhone 6 Plus
I am happy that Chow Xingchi directed the mermaid to break through two billion! Towards the highest record! I also wish that Macau’s Fengyun 3 and three dozen bone essence will break through one billion this weekend! This is a wonderful and wonderful Spring Festival stall! In the 1990s, I realized that only when the movie industry is good together is it really good! Really booming! Let’s work together for the golden age of Chinese movies, add firewood, and surpass the United States to become the world’s largest movie market!

2017-9-5|11:51 come from iPhone 7 Plus
“Chasing the Dragon” congratulates National Day on September 30. This is the first time that Donnie Yen has co-starred, and there may not be a suitable script for them to cooperate again in the future. So it must be unprecedented, maybe even more unique! I prepared for four years and produced it for two years. It can be said to be the most time I spent in my film career to shoot. I hope everyone will recognize and like it. Friends always laugh at me. Wang Jing is the most terrible when he is serious. This time, I am serious!

Editor’s note: He was referring to Andy Lau regarding the partnership.

2017-8-31|10:23 come from iPhone 7 Plus
It took two years to build, solve countless shooting difficulties, and worked with two good partners, Donnie Yen, and Liu Yehua, for one year. This film, which I have liked and dedicated for the past five years, is going to be released. The best-selling one, but it must be the one I care about most! Hope everyone can see my fight. “Chasing the Dragon” September 30!

2018-4-8|10:36 come from iPhone client
Since the age of ten, I have been following Wesley’s serial novels every day on the Hong Kong Ming Pao. I would like to take a good picture of this Chinese original fantasy adventure classic. “Original Zhenxia and Wesley” in 86, “Wesley Blue Blood” in 2001, both fail because of insufficient cost and sub-optimal levels of effects. I can’t reach my level. On April 9th, with the support of iQiyi, “Adventure King Wesley” finally completed my teenage dream. Dear audience, Wesley, Bai Su!

Editor’s note: Original Zhenxia and Wesley refers to The Seventh Curse whereas Wesley Blue Blood refers to The Wesley’s Mysterious File. Both movies were written and produced by Jing.

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