Writing about a couple is one thing, but writing about a throuple is quite another. In this case, Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are a couple with Shailene Woodley as the third wheel. A throuple doesn’t have to be where everyone is dating each other or even having threesomes; it can just be where one person dates two people in a consensual manner. Here is a timeline of sorts that I put together…


July – September: Bisexual Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed fell in love during the making of Thirteen. As they mentioned in that recent zoom vid, they grew apart because they were letting other people’s gossip (about being pitted as rivals) affect how they viewed each other.


February 5: Nikki publicly celebrates Valentines Day earlier with Kate Mara and Vanessa Hudgens.

February 24: The first known sighting of lesbian Ellen Page with ERW. It was established in this month (on the 6th) that they were going to film Into the Forest in April.

March 7: Ellen was seen exiting the Palihouse hotel with Shailene Woodley after having lunch.

June 2: It became apparent on the L Chat forum that Jamie Bell unfollowed Ellen Page but not any of ERW’s other friends.

July 2: Various magazines and sites publicised what had been circulating: Ellen and Shailene as an item.


August: Ellen lost Evan as a friend after Jamie Bell lusted after Kate Mara. Nikki was still close friends with Kate after many years.


September 19: Kate and Ellen begin filming a lesbian drama titled My Days of Mercy (when it was just known as Mercy).

October 22: Nikki was seen embracing Shailene at the 26th Annual Environmental Media Association Awards in Burbank.

November 23: Shailene and Nikki were at the Oceti Sakowin Camp in North Dakota.


January 6: Nikki and Shailene attended the 2018 Art of Elysium Heaven Gala in Santa Monica.

May 24: Someone on the L Chat forum had typed: “What was Shailene Woodley’s post with Nikki Reed about? It looked like something a girlfriend/partner would post (Jodie Comer also liked that post lol).”


June 8: Nikki, Shailene and Ian attended the Conservation International + ELLE Los Angeles Gala at Milk Studios in Hollywood.

June 29: Shailene attended Zoe Kravitz’s second wedding in Paris. To understand why I’m mentioning this, read the below date.

July 1: Nikki and her husband were at the Giambattista Valli dinner during Paris Fashion Week. Shailene was also there.

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