Much-needed juxtaposition

Norell Figueroa is a multimedia artist: model (she turned down Playboy), model manager, singer, producer, actress, painter, novelist, dancer and web developer. When she was in high school, she played soccer and performed in the chorus. At university, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Liberal Arts with proficiency in German. She is in a band that was once called Famous but is now called The Band Famous. Her main musical collaborator is her husband, Jacob Figueroa, who can be seen below. Among their many influences are Portishead and Nine Inch Nails. Here is their Etsy page. Norell resembles Saoirse Ronan – an Irish actress. Norell is a quarter Irish, so I wonder what lineage they share. Just like how she is a woman of many talents, Norell has many nicknames: MJ, Butterfly Girl, Ninja Girl, Lisa Simpson, Action Jackson, and Ms. Björk Against the Machine. As a singer, she tied for first place for best vocal performance at the CLA Talent Show in 2010. Hear her singing for yourself. As she stated one time: “Someday I will be performing with an entire orchestra behind me.”

On Twitter, the contemporary equivalent to post-it notes, Norell has proven to be a cerebral yet spiritual person. She has such a philosophical mind that I have decided to combine a lot of her tweets to form a treatise on the meaning of life…

Life, like a movie, is a dream. We first imagine it and then what we imagine we project. We are hypnotized by the projection and the dream becomes real. Success is not permanent and failure is not fatal. Your failures, your hardships, your life’s obstacles, your shortcomings; they are your greatest teachers. But you must be willing to learn. You don’t have to let your experiences define you; rather, you can let them help you evolve. In choosing the latter, you set an example to others in a dark place, that they too can survive what they’re going through. You can’t help others until you help yourself. You can’t help someone unless they’re willing and want to help themselves. If you can’t be happy for yourself, take action to change things so you can. It’s not wrong to be happy for others.

I just don’t understand why anybody would fill themselves with anything but love. Stop the hate already – there’s enough of that crap in the world. I’d Much rather overhear my neighbors f#cking than fighting. I’m not over here spewing sunshine with no merit. I’ve gone through enough hardship that people wouldn’t blame me if I was a bitter twat. I choose not to be a bitter twat because what fun would that be? Life would suck if I didn’t choose to be happy. I can’t imagine why anyone would choose not to be. I want to slap meanies in the face with a rainbow. Be a nice person! Live by the Golden Rule and life will be richer. I try to stay off the soapbox when I can but I’m fed up with self-defeating attitudes, especially when they’re out to defeat others, too. Spiritual discrimination is necessary, but that other prejudice bs is so beneath humanity. if I had a gf, she would not be allowed to tolerate bs. Stand up for yourself. Death to bigotry. Let the sheeple awaken.

There is blessing in hardship for just that. Every one deserves happiness – why not focus energy on beauty, love and pleasure? Life is better when we rise out of the ashes and recognize the highs at which we can take ourselves. I understand hardship, I agree it can be beautiful for the strength and lessons. Someone dear to me recently said I’ve been through more than anyone they know and that I don’t deserve to go through any more hardships. It takes the dark to see the light. It’s why I write, sing, create, writing a book to even share some of my hardships…not for the sake of celebrating and enjoying suffering but enjoying life. It is beautiful all of the time; adaptation is key. Self construction not destruction, that’s all I’m saying. Create with that energy. Celebrate how beautiful you can transmute it. It’s all about trying to find a balance of the energies. Sacrifices of the self are necessary sometimes in order to give room for the greatest good of all. Manifest with and for benevolence.

I choose to live miraculously. Because life simply is miraculous. I believe in magic. To not believe in other realms must be so boring. Karma exists. To anyone who doesn’t acknowledge the ways of the universe, I pity the fool. Hard work is not in vain. Especially when paired with an attitude of gratitude and self responsibility. I am not afraid to use my energy to better myself and my life. Hopefully by being unafraid, I will give someone else courage to take a step. Don’t be afraid to dream big, you are meant to do what you love. The Universe will meet you halfway, what are you waiting for? Take a step! Have a little appreciation, a little humility, a little reverence. Less ingratitude, less bad attitude, less inconsiderate insensitivity. To let go or cut ties does not mean to disown or abandon. Let go, but never stop loving. I wish I could hug so many friends at once. At a certain point it would just become a dog pile though. Love does not possess, but merely appreciates.

If you love, remember to show and express appreciation. What I don’t get is how some people can be so cruel, whether they have been through their version of hell or not…don’t they know they can choose to succumb OR overcome? Seriously some people really disgust me. They can’t contain themselves in the glory of their bitterness and hate. Don’t give in, and certainly don’t give up. Miscommunication begets misunderstanding. If only communication were always so simple, but interference occurs. Separation is the illusion. Connection is the truth. Let people underestimate you. Don’t fight to prove otherwise. It’s actually quite advantageous. Old cliché, but proof is in the pudding. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself or you might never know the beauty of what you’re capable of. Put your talents and unique goodness to use, the world will thank you in many ways. I’m observing lots of omens, lots of synchronicity. Pay attention to the signs my friends. They are reinforcements or guides.

Each moment, whether one of triumph or turmoil, should be fully lived in. The diamond would not exist if it were not uncovered in the rough explored. Whatever you may be going through, don’t forget for a moment that right now someone somewhere would KILL to trade problems with you. I think we all can agree, whether one is of a Christian faith or not, Jesus had it right. Let us live by love and kindness. Life is a whirlwind sometimes. Hold fast to whatever helps keep you grounded. Keep your eyes to the light and follow it. Don’t break. Bend. Love is the shield that cannot be harmed. Forgiveness is the sword that cannot be deflected. Sometimes pain is a necessary thing. I don’t imagine it was very comfortable for the caterpillar while transforming into the butterfly. It’s impossible to be positive 100% of the time, but there is no excuse to be less than kind.

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When things seem a little less than wonderful, direct your thoughts to that which you are grateful for. Have an open yet discerning mind. Life itself is such a blessing. So profound when you ponder the beauty and interconnectivity of everything. We are all a little weird, in different ways we’re all the same – just different names – and life is like a game. So many frauds and people that are just too competitive. If you want to compete, compete with yourself to outdo the person you currently are. I’m tired of people being mean, cold and cutthroat for no reason. I understand self-defense but what happened to peace love, and unity? I can’t wait to be rich so I can live out my dreams and be a philanthropist. I enjoy teaching via I’ve one student for interior design/feng shui, one for audio recording, and one I’m a life coach for.

Oh, did I forget to tell you? She is also a porn star. It’s precisely for this reason that the government sees The Band Famous as a threat to the impressionable young. One example of a potential influence is Missy Elliot following Norell on Twitter before Norell blocked her because Missy didn’t follow her band (“It would be like if I only liked Gwen Stefani and not No Doubt”). Back to Norell’s other nicknames, they are Kamasutra Candy, Blowjob Queen and Snow Bunny. My nicknames for her are Snow Buns, BJ MJ, and Anal Aniston because she sounds like Jennifer Aniston. When Norell makes the move to acting in movies and TV shows, a powerful stage name for her to use would be M.N. Jackson. She has lived such an eventful life that she has been working on her autobiography for quite some time. It’s best for me to close this article with a quote from Norell: “The Band Famous is my baby hermaphrodite. I say this because TBF encompasses both male and female energies. I feel the contrast between the two, where I started with my solo efforts to where I am now with my combined efforts with my Famous baby. It is enough for me to look in the mirror and say Keep going.”

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