Taylor Swift is a lesbian

I’ve been browsing through my Facebook posts to read things that I’ve archived, and I found an amusing post from Thursday, October 25, 2018…

On the Wednesday episode of E! News: Daily Pop (which aired in England today), it was subtly hinted by two of the three hosts that Taylor Swift is secretly a lesbian. The context of the conversation was to celebrate the anniversary of her first album (the self-titled LP was released a dozen years ago). Here is the sample of the conversation…

Morgan Stewart: “How excited was she to be able to have that boy in the video just grab and kiss her? That was affectionate.”

Carissa Culiner: “I know; she’s a good little actress even from the very beginning.”

Justin Sylvester: “She’s a VERY good actress!”

Carissa: *laughs*

Morgan: “Oh, things went down after that set was over.”

Justin: “She is a GREAT actress.”

The L Chat forum can reveal more, especially regarding Taylor’s relationship with Karlie Kloss.


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