Secret rivals

Unbeknownst to each other, Kim Basinger and Teri Hatcher had been competing with one another without intending to. They share the same birthday, December 8, albeit in different years. Kim was born in 1953 whereas Teri was born in 1964. Both women were Bond babes at different times – Kim with Sean Connery for Never Say Never Again (1983), and Teri with Pierce Brosnan for Tomorrow Never Dies (1997). In 1989, both actresses shared an intimate connection with Hollywood producer Jon Peters. Writer Jeffrey Boam claimed that the only reason why Teri was cast in Stallone’s Tango & Cash was because she was the girlfriend of Jon Peters, who previously worked with Jeffrey on Innerspace. It’s fair to say that Jon was probably responsible for casting her in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. When Warner Brothers produced that series in 1993, he was working with them on putting together a Superman movie.

Back to Tango & Cash, 1989 was when Teri Hatcher divorced her husband – Marcus Leithold. The February 2020 issue of Britain’s number one film magazine, Empire, contained a special retrospective article about the making of the movie. Peter MacDonald, one of the executive producers, talked about Daphne Ashbrook no longer going to play Sylvester Stallone’s sister: “I had to reshoot the dance sequence with Teri because they had employed another actress, and then decided it hadn’t worked out.”

As for Kim Basinger’s intimate connection with Jon Peters, it was for another 1989-released movie: Batman. Jon recently confirmed in an interview with Joe Rogan that he had an affair with Kim during the making of the film. Like Teri after her, she was two-timing on her husband (i.e. Ron Snyder). During the shoot, Kim could be seen at night ascending the elevator in the St. James Club hotel to Jon’s suite, toothbrush in hand. Two decades ago, Jon announced that he was going to publish a kiss-and-tell memoir called Studio Head. The initials remind me of Kim’s nickname for him: “My Sweetheart Hoodlum.”

They say, as a writer, you should kill your darlings but Jon didn’t want to go through with Kim’s character being killed off so as to fuel Bruce Wayne’s vengeance. Among the many other arguments was one that erupted over who was going to foot the bill for the crew’s black leather Batman jackets. This was originally to be Jon’s responsibility but he shucked it, causing Jack Nicholson to snap at Kim by saying: “Tell that guy whose cock you’ve been sucking for the past six months that he’s an @sshole for not paying for the jackets!”

This was reported in the May 1996 issue of Vanity Fair, which was during a time when Kim was going through a hiatus after the release of The Getaway in 1994. She was lucky to have bounced back with L.A. Confidential in 1997: the same year that marked the release of Tomorrow Never Dies – featuring Teri Hatcher.


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