The zen in zenith

MJ Joyce (a.k.a. Rahyndee James) is a model. Don’t let her looks and occupation fool you. She is not a bimbo. You will know that she has an astutely attuned mind if you were to read her below comments on different social media sites, including her Twitter page where she is known as Margo Dean.

Even if they didn’t give you anything, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t gain something from them.

Recognizing what you don’t want will only help you see exactly what you do want.

Best times are times spent with good people with nowhere to go and everything to do.

If you’re looking for pretty in a gym, look somewhere else.

A critic will be a critic and a optimist will be a optimist.

The power of your mind, the laws of attraction, the art of allowing, consistency and the feelings of your soul shapes it all.

No need to pay for a tanning membership in Las Vegas, more than 30 minutes and you’re cooked out here.

Anytime someone says anything about yoga, my mind is automatically sexual.

A hot tub should be bubbly like champagne.

I don’t sell the lemonade that I make when I receive lemons.

You know that you’re particularly photogenic when people create fake accounts. I wish that I could file a plagiarism suit.

Being extremely good-looking doesn’t stop you from being dumped. I’ve been dumped.

I do not desire to be a “star” – I just like making money and being worry free about bills.

I want to live in California, but it’s not worth paying a lot of money for qualities which can be found elsewhere. However, I may just reside there for a year or two.

Hazel is my favourite eye colour. It’s deceptive like me.

Body imaging works if you believe and put the work in by staying consistent.

I take care of me first. Then take care of others. It used to be opposite.

I like men like my mixed drinks – strong.

Too blessed to be stressed.

It’s a toptional pool.

Most communication problems are due to one reason, and one reason only. We don’t listen to understand; we listen only to reply.

Extreme exercise makes you a shape shifter.

It’s a constant fight to eat a lot and keep a tiny waist!

Friends that hike together, stay together.

Whether we bully or are the bullied, overcoming whatever you are going through starts with forgiveness to self and others.

I have a unhindered heart. My creations are deliberate. The frequencies are real.

Synchronicity – I experience it daily.

Something about this organized religious scene…I don’t like it. I know that God is the inner me. Some people spend too much time inside their head trying to contemplate about bulls#!t never getting in touch with their soul. Better learn to be on your own. Steer your thoughts, don’t let them steer you.

Patience for patients.

All women were born extremely horny. Don’t let them fool you.

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

The voices in my head may not be real, but they do have some good ideas.

Laughing warms my soul. Smile today. It makes them wonder what you’re up to.

I can see right through you like your parents were glass makers!

I can’t make everyone love me…but I sure can love everyone.

The universe (our higher power) loves gratitude, the more grateful for what good is in your life, the more good that we get to be grateful about.

When you don’t know what you’re doing, at least do it neatly.

Take my advice with a grain of salt, because too much salt causes high blood pressure!

Just got back from the cruise of my life and I just can’t help but wonder why people would secure their homes, cars, etc. but, yet, the last night of the cruise – they are willing to leave their luggage outside the room open for anyone to rummage through.

It’s always your favorite sins that do you in.

Control your own life; don’t let life control you. I see walking zombies everywhere.

When you care about what others think of you, you become a slave. To truly be free, you must not let your ego control you. Our egos are what puts limits on what we can and can’t except. It’s our egos that care about what society/people dictate as what is normal! I live outside the box…you’ll never find me in it.

Hubris is the opposite of humility when you’re humble and you’re worried about the things inside. Evil judges the cover!

Weakness gives up. Strength finds a way.

Your life is the physical manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head. Be careful what you wish for, you’ll get what you want and all the things that you don’t!

I am far from greedy. I can’t do the things in life that I want without money. I know my assets from liabilities.

A 9 to 5 job is a short-term solution to a long term problem. To live a life dictated by the size of a paycheck is not really living a life, but if you love your job – that’s key.

If you ever need to tell me something. I can keep a secret. It’s not that I feel morally superior. It’s just that I can’t remember anything anyone tells me.

For your dreams to become a reality, you must first address practicality.

Seeing all my old friends on Facebook with new lives, babies, boyfriends, girlfriends…it’s kind of like a high school reunion on a screen.

Being single is preparation for when we are old and alone.

The ocean will drift you and take you its way…but it’s up to you to take control and sail your own ship.

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