The original Family Guy

Back in its nineties prime, The Simpsons was an edgy prime time show. On Twitter, Seth MacFarlane once tweeted that he has nothing but love for the series. The context of his tweet was that he was disagreeing with an article writer who said that Family Guy had beaten it in terms of quality. Here are some examples of adult content that was taken out of daytime airings…

Homer says b@$tard and b@$tards.

Bart has a trouble-making kit called Lil’ B@$tard.

Krusty, Apu, Moe, Groundskeeper Willie and Groundskeeper Seamus said b@$tard.

One of the Ramones said old b@$tard.

The actress who does the voice for Itchy and Scratchy said cheap b@$tards.

Sideshow Bob said b@$tards.

Lisa said b@$tardized.

Groundskeeper Willie said s#!te.

Homer, Grampa and Drederick Tatum said p!$$. Kent Brockman, Peter Frampton and a tap-dancing girl said p!$$ed.

Adam from U2 and Mr. Burns said wankers. Coincidentally, Homer says wanker.

I should also point out that Mayor Quimby is another way of saying Mayor Pussy (quim is an old-fashioned vulgar saying). Actually, The Simpsons has more sexual references:

Moe joins a queue for sex offenders.

Homer confesses to being a chronic masturbator. He lies to an insurance agent by saying he was at a pornography store.

Krusty says: “If you watch my show, I will send you this book featuring me in a variety of sexually-explicit positions!”

A foster guardian named Tom says: “Bart, I could kiss you if the “Bigger Brothers” didn’t make me sign a form promising I wouldn’t.”

Marge: “No, I will not pay you $500 for sex.”
Homer: “Aw, come on, Marge. You’re getting something in return, and I’m getting a bowling team. It’s win-win.”
Marge: “It’s sick, and I don’t have that kind of money to spend on sex.”

Bart talks to Milhouse about having orgies without knowing what they are.

Bart talks about Bart Junior even though he’s talking about his pet frog. This reminds me of how a sight gag was changed in My Lucky Stars – a 1985 movie about tourists on a mission in Japan. Due to a misunderstanding with a waiter involving wanting food that looks like his penis, the dumbest member of the group is served a mushroom instead of a sausage. In the overseas prints, it was a frog.

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