Amber Rayne died because of mixing alcohol with cocaine. Sweet Amber is the title of a Metallica song. Snowblind was the original title of a coke-infused Black Sabbath album called Vol. 4. The illustrations in the cover come from a 1981 animated movie titled Heavy Metal. Here are all her tweets that referenced drugs before she died on April 2, 2016…

22 Jan 2010: @OMGitsLexi I use to drug my ex’s drinks with viagra…so even if he did sleep, I still got what I wanted! I could rape him in his sleep! LOL!

25 May 2010: I feel like a drug addict going through withdrawls.

1 Jun 2010: @LukeIsBack 5 weeks since I’ve had sex…I may kill something…Withdrawals! Withdrawals!

29 Jul 2010: I know I should never read message boards but WTF? A meth head!? Me? Never have I even been around that s#!t! You’ve got to be kidding me…

19 Oct 2010: @ProVillain Haha. That is tempting…I need to wait till the drugs wear off though…no cheating here.

19 Dec 2010: @jalexander46 Oh sweet, I’ve got the appropriate wardrobe for that…I’ll go as my own drug-lording coke whore.

4 Mar 2011: @sheenneverloses LOL. Oh, if only I had a coke-fueled sugar daddy to guide me…then I’d be #winning.

26 Sep 2011: @Jessgeorgina Ride him high? That’s a no…its once in a blue moon if I ever smoke weed.

3 Apr 2012: @PMarizzle My drug of choice? caffeine.

6 Nov 2012: This election has left me to ponder many important issues…the most pressing – How many drugs does it take to make one “move like Jagger?”

31 Dec 2012: @ThePensky @natums We’re considering giving one of the dead ones to the meth heads across the street…you know, feed the hungry. #chikpotpie

24 Feb 2013: “@theandyappleton If the #Oscars taught us anything tonight it’s that Beards are awesome.”
and cocaine keeps Hollywood running wide awake.

26 Mar 2013: Sigh…please, enough with the hardcore drugs. Yes, even the “little things” can destroy you.

21 Aug 2013: “@Puckguy14: Should I buy cocaine or a Couture jersey?”
As of today…cocaine.

22 Aug 2013: “@Puckguy14: That bad of a day?”
Oh man…gimmie the drugs.

10 Feb 2014: It’s been several days of no hockey. I feel like a junkie starting to experience withdrawals. It hurts! It hurts! Here come the cramps.

27 Feb 2014: @JukeboxNazi So because I’m enthusiastic I must be on drugs? Unbelievable.

Continuation: @JukeboxNazi Seriously WTF?! Do I look like I do f#cking meth?? I had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 3, any clue what chemo does to your teeth?

26 Sep 2014: @steveaustin36 …and now you’re suggesting I use drugs?! Wow, I’m so truly disgusted.

16 Apr 2015: @BigScottX1 That’s a horrible horrible lie!! I can’t fathom even touching or associating with anything so destructive! Please squash that lie.

Response: @BigScottX1 I am the furthest from what a junkie is in every way. I’m sincerely upset anyone would write that. 😦

11 Jun 2015: @REALBigScott ok…it’s insulting though that you would suggest a drug rehab. Never touched them and never will. Have too much of a life to live.

17 Jun 2015: @ownedsissy and, no, I do not touch drugs…don’t have the time. I do wish you would let me be though.

22 Mar 2016: So I don’t smoke weed or touch anything like it and this is what I get. For f#ck’s sake, I don’t touch any of that crap.

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