Living the daydream

Lilith Astaroth is on the brink of metal stardom with her death metal band known as Sorrowseed. Metal music is usually about hate, so seeing as how Anthrax wrote a song called H8 Red – here are 8 of Lilith’s tweets which contain the same word.

Apr 19 2009: God, I hate men in general. What pathetic f#cking slime. Sometimes, it slips my mind. I am too attractive, I guess.

Jul 18 2010: God damn do I hate dealing with humanity on public transportation lines. Instant disgust at times.

Dec 7 2010: Gwuhh… ankle in soo much pain. Needs some TLC. I hate taking ibuprofen but damn man. Yay for a 2-year old injury back to haunt me!! 😦

Dec 8 2010: Eughh. Walking into Mt Auburn brings back a wave of really bad memories. I hate this place. =/

Jun 24 2011: On set in Boston for the new Adam Sandler movie “I Hate You Dad” 🙂 Marathon scene!

Oct 24 2012: Woken up at 7am again by some @ssholes doing work outside. Again. I f#cking hate this neighborhood.

Feb 18 2013: Dear #NYC: I hate you. A lot.

Same day: @crudelis_amator NYC and Detroit are the only cities I’d take Boston over. I hate #Boston, too. …just not quite as much as #NYC.


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